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The day is changing. The concept of career and business is going to change. Starting from small traders, big corporate houses are now coming out with new business through social networking. In Bangladesh at the moment, more than 24 million people use social network Facebook. Users are in no way a consumer. As a result, they are now planning a business mainly by targeting them. Where the posters, banners or news media are not able to find the desired buyers, the social media are playing a role in reaching more people at a lower cost. People do not want to see traditional advertising. If you advertise on the first page of the newspaper, then the advertisement will be turned on the other side and the target client will turn the remote client to the other. In these advertisements people are coming through social media themselves. Digital marketing companies work to deliver these advertisements through artistic means to the general public.

A few days later, the first Boishakh. Many people are planning business in this regard. Many people who are already e-commerce are also more dependent on social media. You can also promote any small or big business through Facebook. Before that, you may be able to get involved with the business of social media or how it will promote business in this sector. First you need to know what your business is? Who is your target client? Which is your target event? But how is Facebook bringing business for you? Let’s know the one-liner.

Find your client on Facebook

If you start a small consumer-focused business such as: cafe, boutique, parlor, e-commerce or e-commerce website but many people will be able to contact you directly on your Facebook page. This does not require any extra hiring or travel costs. If the business is started and its promotion can be done in such a way, then what is the way it is not profitable?

❏ Register on Facebook Business Page

If you have a personal Facebook account, today you can register on the Facebook Business page. Your personal page will help a lot to increase your visitor. And if you ever want to know about Facebook Business Case Studies, Google is there. Just Click and Search

Tell people about your business

Just do not stop at Facebook Most of the social media has to be used. In addition to Facebook, use Instagram, Linked In, Twitter or Pinestest. Spread everywhere, link to your Facebook Business Pages. Please inform your e-mail and website address.

❏ Make your profile or page interesting

Use your profile best. Enhance your unique offer or new product line in image / image. Put your details about the products and services of your organization. Showcase your organization’s goals, objectives and short introduction.

❏ Use keywords

Use Fast to Expand Business Keyword. Whether the person searches on any device (desktop, laptop, mobile), if it is related to your business or service, then search engine ranking first of all your name comes.

Use content that everyone likes

You may have heard ‘Content is the King’ and it is literally true. If your content is not attractive, then your post will avoid the client’s vision. Especially the most commented on photos or videos later. Besides, GIF, Animation, they are all shared more. According to Facebook authorities, branded companies spent 75 percent of their content on the image, with the responce rate being the highest.

❏ Be careful about that

Your pages must be careful about the work that can interfere with your brand value. The message you give is not controversial; But there will be a kind of marketing that is called ‘negative marketing’. Such marketing can be done at any time, but it should be taken into consideration as to how much it can be done or harmed. Follow a social media policy so that it can catch market vibes. If needed, social media expert can assign an organization to manage pages and content.

Increase the engagement

Talk directly to your followers. Respond to their opinions and questions spontaneously. Give them a chance to chant. This will increase your endorsement. In business you can increase credibility. Take your visitor to your website from your Facebook page. Please highlight your organization’s specialty. If you need to create blogs and place a separate section there is reader feedback and feedback. It allows you to guess what your customers really want.

❏ Have some extra benefits on the day of your Facebook followers

Provide protection, competitions, discounts, etc. Extra benefit to your Facebook followers Include reviews from them on the page. Many people find unique offers on Facebook, they may be your Prime Customer. If you can please them, they will bring you more clients.

❏ Keep every thing as it is

Keep track of all the things that occur on your business page. Facebook Page Insight will give you all the information from where your customers are being associated with your business. You also Facebook Advertising Manager

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