Increasing the fees to the applicants, Bangladeshi freelancers in danger

Workership is a popular Marketplace for Bangladeshi Freelancers.

There is a lot of work in the Marketplace as well as the number of Free-lancers is more than that. At this market, the fee was cut to 10 percent.

Freelancers Bangladeshi

     Increasing the fees to the applicants, Bangladeshi Freelancers danger

The fee will be increased from June next, the official said. According to the new policy of work, working with a client, 20 percent of the first 500 dollars income, 10 percent of the total earnings from 501 to 10 thousand dollars and 5 percent of any income above 10 thousand dollars will be deducted.

More than 500 dollars work with one client The number of Freelancers is very low. Some of the numbers of Free-lancers in Bangladesh are counted.

That is why the Bangladeshi Free-lancers are going to read the extreme danger. According to the new policy, the amount of the cutting fees is doubled on the total income of small-scale freelancers. And in this, Bangladeshi Free-lancers appear to have an angry reaction.

Successful Freelancers Farhan Rizvi, who has a favorite tech about this, said the new and low-income Free-lancers would be more concerned about the problem to increase the fees for the work.

Because they have to pay a 20% fee. But those who earn a lot more, they will get the benefit of this system, because they feel less fee. Marketplace will change their custom rules, if you do, it will have to be accepted by you.

So without blaming the workbook, I think the work area should be increased further. In addition to the work, there are many other Marketplace where similar work is available. For example, People cross hour, five more, etc. So, should not be disappointed, the work should be expanded now.

On the other hand, visiting Bangladeshi Freelancers Facebook group has seen many reactions in which Free-lancers says that the work has always been dominated by the operators and is still doing so. This group has announced that the small-scale Freelancers quit the job.

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