Freelancing training for young people in remote areas, a Training provider, has come forward to develop and enrich the country’s Freelancing sector.

This Institution Will provide Free Freelancing Training

Freelancing training

Freelancing training for young people in remote areas 

online for 3 to 5 months for young people in remote areas across the country. chief executive Ibrahim Akbar said that under this Training, the middle and upper educated youth from any district of the country will get the opportunity to get Training from the best Freelancing of the country, Freelancing and online income.

This will also include special arrangements for evening and night training for the employers and housewives.

He said that for the past two years, 3,000 students have been given Training on online income related education. Many of them are currently working in different Marketplace successfully.

In the last year, offers free 1000 students free of charge in 30 courses worth more than Tk 15 thousand in Freelancing and IT related free courses.

The first 2,000 students will be given the opportunity to participate in this Training on the basis of first-year without first year’s examination, even if it is necessary to get through the examination in other years.

In this, Training will have the opportunity to participate in any of the popular 10 courses of Freelancing. As per each year, 350 application fees are applicable.

He also said that this year, we have arranged online job certificates, scholarships and job opportunities in different companies for the students.

He said that the first 50 people who received marks in 80% of the courses will be given scholarship at the same time of 15000 rupees.

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Ibrahim Akbar said on the request, those who want to continue studying part-time as well as study time, the minimum qualification for the educational qualification is HSC.

Those who have an internet connected Computer and computer basic such as Facebook can use on the Computer , can browse the internet manually. They will be able to apply for this online course by July 10.

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