These three apps are being closed from Facebook

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These three apps are being closed from Face-book

Because of low user, social media is being blocked from Facebook, three apps Face-book authorities have said that the apps are -Hello, Moves and TBAS.

On July 2, a Face-book post on Face-book posted this information on a blog post.

Among the apps, the Hello app was launched in 2015 for Android users in Brazil, USA and Nigeria. The fitness app named Move was launched in 2014 and the TBES app was launched last year.

Facebook authorities say that in 90 days these apps will delete all types of data from users on their database.

The company also said that Face-book authorities review their apps regularly. In this case, the application is closed for some time.

The Face-book authorities apologized on the post, saying there are some users of the app. They will be somewhat frustrated due to closing the app. But Facebook authorities are grateful to them.

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