Instagram is going to bring the light app


There are currently almost every social media light or lighter version for smartphone users. In the same sequence, the name of the Social Network Instagram.

Recently the company said they were going to bring an app called Instagram Light. Which can take up less space on smartphone and work better on low RAM phones?

It is learned that Instagram main app occupies more than 30 MB of the smartphone. where the light App is just over 500 one megabyte equivalent to 1 kilobyte a bit more than kilobytes.

However, due to the size of the App, some features have been omitted from this app. Which are in the main app of Instagram. For example, Insta-ram Lite users will not get the facility of sharing the video. sending direct messages.

However, in the future, these features will be brought back to the light app through some updates. the company has expressed hope.

Instagram users in Mexico have already started using this Light app. Apart from this, the app can be used by Insta gram lovers all over the world, the company said.



  1. Nice Post! Instagram is going to bring the light app

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