4 gifts to buy iLife laptop

4 gifts to buy iLife laptop




Airlife Z-Air-HP laptop with Wired Institute. StarTech offers 4 interesting gifts. 16 GB Pen Drive. Gifts will be given with wireless mouse and bag and T-shirt.

This will be effective from 11th July.

It is said that the laptop is the fastest Intel processor. As a result  32 GB EMC memory. As a result  Hard disk has 500GB The 14.1 inch display lap-top has a Windows 10 genuine operating system. Such as office work, such as e-mail checks, internet browsing, HD movies etc.

Also Directly imported from Dubai. As a result  The American brand’s Ilyife laptop weighs 1.53 kg. It has 10 thousand millimeter MPI lithium battery. As a result  Gives power to backup about 7-8 hours. Lap-top can be present in MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint presentation. The lap-top has WiFi. A USB port, Micro HDMI and SD card port.

As a result Its retail price is 19 thousand 899.Whether the lap-top will be in the credit card and the simple installment.

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