Not safe Gmail!


Not safe Gmail!

One of Gmail’s search giants is Gmail.

The popular e-mail service is not completely secure. According to the US-based press release, The Wall Street Journal, the Indian technology giant now has information on technology.

A Wall Street Journal report says that Google’s software developers are able to read any Gmail personal message.

The report further said, a year ago, Google promised that the company would not be able to scan inbox for Gmail users. But they did not take any action on G-mail security from third parties.

The report in the Wall Street Journal also said that G-mail users are most at risk of comparing eBay-based services, products and services.

Google has said in a statement to the media that employees of the organization are able to read the e-mail in some circumstances and they have to get permission from the concerned authorities. So in all cases it is not possible. This is done in special cases related to security and bugs.

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