Your death has violated our policy: PayPal

Your death has violated our policy: PayPal



Currently all technology companies use automated messages. Some artificial intelligence is based on intense data. The company sends automated messages to different needs. But sometimes this message can be a father of despair through PayPal subscribers.

PayPal online loan has sent a letter to the service provider that a woman named Lindsay Durdell for women Who recently died of cancer.

Breast cancer is diagnosed in women’s breast. After a few and a half years of cancer, after spreading his pores and brain..she died on 31 May 31.

Three weeks before the release of this news, Lindsay Durdell’s husband Howard Durdell told her husband about the death of his wife. According to PayPalrules, Dardal submitted his copy of his death certificate and his identity and identity card.

Then then In his wife’s name, a letter from West Berkshire arrived at Burdal Bar Durdal UK. The letter’s title was ‘Important’ You will read the letter carefully.

Lindsay Durdell also said that the company has received 3 thousand two hundred pounds. We have received the news of your death that you have violated the 15.4 (c) agreement with PayPal credits. The remedy for these violations is impossible.

This letter comes in the discussion when the husband of mourning Howard Dowhallal joins BBC with Yoga. According to him, he wanted to warn other organizations about how the message could be frustrating automatically.

Meanwhile The letter was labeled as unprotected, said a letter from Pepal, who said that due to this letter, we were angry because of the disaster.

In addition, PayPal’s investigation has started, as the address of the woman has been sent to the address.


PayPal has sent a letter to the online transaction Service provider for women saying that a woman named Lindsay Durdle, who had recently died of cancer ..


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