Reddish wanpleus 6 coming on July 2




The Chinese company Vanplas opened the midnight black and mirror black colored vanplus 6 smartphone in May. After this, the one-liners 6 Marvel Avengers Limited Edition and Silk White Limited Edison phones have been opened by the Chinese company.

According to the NDTV news, the company will open the Vanplus 6 phone on July 2 in a new color variant. It is said that the new lava red variant will be open to the Vanplus 6 phone.

In a video teaser on the official Twitter page of the organization, it is said that ‘C61422’ is being started, do you want to proceed?

Google‘s ‘C61422’ has been discovered by Google’s dark red color code in the color palette. In addition, it has been announced that this phone will be unveiled in July.

This video is also shared from Vanplus’s India account. It is believed that like the recently opened Midnight Black Variant, this phone is also expected to have 8GB RAM and 256 GB of storage.

Besides, the price of this phone is also expected to be similar to Midnight Black Variant.

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