The technology companies doing the information from you

It’s hard to find people who are not currently using smartphones. And what do you know about the big technology companies doing this with your information from your smartphone?

Your smartphone’s gyroscope is probably being tracked all the time. Scanning all your messages. The information you give is being given to third parties.

Knowing or not knowing when you download an app or sign in by visiting a website, you are unaware of the technology company trapping.

The BBC’s research has found that the privacy policies and conditions of large companies of information technology are written in a language that needs to be fully understood by university level education. Try to understand these terms and conditions well. You can start wondering how your information is being used.

You are being followed without your permission

Many apps require your permission during download time to know about your location or location through GPS or Global Positioning System. You can refuse this request if you wish. But even if you do not give permission, but many apps can monitor your location.

For example, Facebook can be talked about. Without a smartphone’s GPS, this app collects information about your location. From the ‘Check In’ you are on Facebook, or from the ‘Events’ joining and seeing your IP address they follow you.

Twitter is also doing the same. They also want to know about your current location. Although they have different logic for collecting this information.

Your information is handed over to the affiliated organization

When you agree to use the terms of a particular application, you are not just giving your information to the organization. They are sharing this information with their affiliate or app.

For example, the dating app ‘tiener’ exchanges information collected by its members with other similar dating sites. Sites like ‘Okquiped’, ‘Planet of Fice’ or ‘match dot com’ get information about users’ tinadars.


The Technology Companies Doing The Information From You

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