YouTube is spending $ 250 million to stop fake news


YouTube is spending $ 250 million to stop fake news

YouTube is spending $ 250 million to stop fake news

YouTube is taking new steps to prevent spreading false news. They will invest $ 2.5 million dollars. They will also support the appropriate media.

On July 9 You-Tube posted the information in New York. Get news gadgets.

You-Tube says that when a Breaking News is received, it’s usually about spreading false and false news. Now user will see small news on YouTube.

Along with this, warns that this news may change.

Many times fights, natural disasters, and such incidents are fake video.YouTube is taking steps to prevent this.

For example as soon as the news of the shootings spread some of his fake videos spread to YouTube .

 but so fast his original video is not coming to You-Tube .

Instead of these fake videos, YouTube will show text story in the future. In this case, they will follow the reliable media.

Just about any media that would be credible . You-Tube officials did not say much about it . 

Chief Product Officer Neil Mohon said that the company will not make any media coverage and reliable media can change over time.

The only time that the popularity of the popular sources in You-Tube is over is about to end.

Neil Mohan said 10 thousand reviewers will help identify such reliable Media and news.

Alexis Mont garylis was with the help team to find the right information on Facebook .

He commented that showing a text story is a good step to read breaking news.

But what will happen to the videos that come in front of you without You-Tube ‘s search engine?

YouTube has also said that they will spend $ 2.5 million .

on the site to improve the quality of news and solve false news in the next few years.

They are also thinking of using trusted sources like Wikipedia and Encyclopedia Britannica.

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