Facebook will not send workers for election campaign

Facebook will not send employees to the Campaign run during election campaign Face-book, which has been campaigning for candidates for….

online-based Campaigns , has given Face-book an opportunity to serve expert analytics before Face-book.


                            Face-book will not send workers for election campaign

Facebook has made it clear through a statement that promotional organizations will not be offered any such services.

In 2016, the Director of Digital Campaign for Won Donald Trump, in the US presidential election, said that Face-book helped a lot in their election Campaign .

Facebook said that Face-book has proposed to appoint Clinical Anti-Trumpet Specialist Analyst in the election. But Hillary rejected it.

Recently, the Social Media  said that Face-book will offer advertisements online for free instead of the services offered in exchange for money. 

Face-book is the world’s second largest online advertising platform. The first is Google  .

Facebook has said that it will advise all political parties on its website free of cost advertising.

Because Google and Twitter also provide special advice on political Campaigns . They do not indicate the end of the exercise.

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