The Horrible Typhoon Mangkhut slams into northern Philippines.

The Horrible typhoon Mangkhut is spending slums in the northern Philippines, Saturday weather predicts that earthquake of China’s center of life at 8 o’clock on Saturday will be caused by earthquake in the north of the suburb of Luzon Island in the subcontinent town of Congo. Due to the flood, the agricultural area of ​​rice and plain land and mountain provinces is often hit by landslides, known as John.




Directed by direct visitors, the darkness of the storm and the heavy wind, closed the heavy rain sheet, and the power cut off at the beginning of the epic.

Paetti said, the state’s eastern region, even if the snowflakes are slightly weak after the storm of the ocean, its air will be very destructive.

At a press conference in Manila, it is said that “You can not stand, it can lift the car, even you can not even crawl against that wind”


 Horrible Typhoon Mangkhut slams into northern Philippines.


Horrible Philippines – Strong typhoon, TUGUEGAROO, Mangkhut has been slammed into the north-east of the country, according to Philippine officials. More than 5 million people are at risk from storm. Which is based on Hawaii based Typhoon Warning Center classified as a strong typhoon and a class 5 Atlantic hurricane equivalent to a strong typhoon.

A huge rain of 900 kilometers 560 miles wide, combined with seasonal rain water, can cause heavy rains and snowflakes that cause landslides and flash floods. Storm warnings have been raised in almost all the provinces across the main North Island of Lusso, in order to restrict the capital, Manila, sea and air travel.

In the capital city of Tuaregre in the capital of Cagaya, buildings and residents strengthen the house, and on the basis of food, they are pressed for typhoon wrath. “It was busy before the hardware store and people bought wood, tin wires, wood and umbrellas,” Benjamin Benge said, the workers at the three-street hotel were busy working to protect the boards in the glass panel.

Some people say, “If we do not, we will all die”.

More than 15,300 people were rescued in Uttar Pradesh on Friday afternoon, told from the Civil Defense office.”We’re really scared”, Delia Perenes, who fled from the Horrible  North Philippine house, said. “We were afraid to live.”

“During the last monsoon showers, half of our house became debris.

Warden has been instructed to remove 143 prisoners from a prison in another town of Kamagan. expressing concern over the risk of a massive storm that can be scared by typhoon wind.

Beginning at the beginning of typhoon farming and the cultivation of farming was a major agricultural producer. and farmers were afraid of what their crops could save, Cagayan Gob.

After the Horrible Philippines, the Hong Kong Observatory predicts that Mongkhut will move to the mainland of China on the Southern Monday and Hong Kong Island on the northern side of Hong Kong. It is likely to weaken from a super typhoon to severe typhoons, but it still pack 175 kilometers (109 miles) of lasting air.

Observational observations of cyclones and heavy heavy squares have been told, residents of the densely populated financial hub have been urged to “take appropriate precautions and pay attention to the latest storm information”.

A gambling base near the Macaue near Hong Kong’s army hit the typhoon in August with a devastating flood. As a result 10 people died. And its weather office is accused of corruption and inadequacy.


Horrible Typhoon Mangkhut slams into northern Philippines.

Founded 3777 people’s shelter centers in Guangdong . China sub-station When more than 100,000 residents and tourists were safely moved or sent home. The province has lifted more than 36 thousand fishing boats in the province’s port, while the railway services in Zhang Jiang and Maoming cities have been suspended and all ferries in Guangdong and Hainan are closed.

Now, we will all be by the side of this innocence, and “ To help them properly“.

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