Today’s Science and Technology Progress in Communication 

The advances of today’s Science and communication technology are the era of the modern era of information technology; Internet era In the present world system, the Internet has ties with a thread that if the tearing of the yarn is concerned, then the whole world system will be stagnant.


Today's Science and Technology Progress in Communication 


Through the Internet, people can roam all over the world, in an Onimusha. The journey of science has made man dynamic. For a time, the people of Gabhasi and the people of the woods have come under the influence of Science today in the atomic age. From the planet, it is running. The power of Science has been the overwhelming victory of human civilization.

Science & Internet development:-

and the United States defense forces first used the internet in 1969. Initially, the U.S. Defense Ministry has used this internet system because of their research. At that time, the National Science Foundation (NSF) Internet is not responsible.

The National Science Foundation (NSF), the United States Defense Department, created the first interconnected communication system with just 4 computers. Of these, there were three computers in ‘Cafe’ and one was ‘Uto’.


Today's Science and Technology Progress in Communication 


The name of the communication system was ‘Durant’. Then just wondering about success. The number of computers reached 4 to 33. It was named Aparnet (Advanced Research Project Agency Network), which aimed to exchange scientific information for the atomic attack.

In the United States of the 70 s, many more research institutes joined the network at the university. Increasingly, in 1984, the National Science Foundation of the United States launched a type of communication system for the public. It is named as ‘Nesphanet’.

Within three years, Massanet’s spread throughout the world. And now it is necessary to build a Kendriya network. In the early 1990s, this network was developed. People of the world are known as the Internet.

 World internet system:-

Internet usage started in different countries in 1993, in 1993. At that time, Internet Serbs were launched through offline. The table, the tap, the system, the Beimel, etc. With all these organizations connected in offline, the wealth of its huge world could not be used.

E-mails can only be downloaded (sending an email – sending mail) and nothing else. In this case, subscribers exchange emails with the modem and telephone line service providers, as a means of communication through their computers.

The service providers would send the ISDs several times a day, sending them to the computer connected to the telecommunication cable. Because no communication between the six organizations mentioned was established, the customers of an organization could not send mail directly to the other organization’s customers.

The Internet has enabled the Internet to access the Internet in the whole world. On June 4, 1996, VSAT launched Internet on the Internet   ISN (Information Services Network) It is available on the cyber net, you only, BRAC, BDMALL PRADESHTA NET, AGNI SYSTEM, etc.

Importance of Internet:-

 The journey of science has made man dynamic. For a time, the people of Gabhasi and the people of the woods have come under the influence of science today in the atomic age.

From the planet, it is running. Because  The power of Science has been the overwhelming victory of human civilization. With the help of communication today it is impossible for many people who can make it possible.

Also With the help of the internet, people are chatting with people from all walks of life, communication, talking, education, entertainment, office management, etc. Along with the development of multinationals, its memory is increasing every day.

You can enjoy New York’s open-air concert with one of the people of Bangladesh. Also One of the patients in Bangladesh can consult with a doctor in London. Can you cut the item by sitting on a credit card online? Scientists have been able to use the Internet in space research.

 Science in daily life:-

In every case of present-day life, we are dependent on Science. Because from the wake of the morning to bed in the morning, we are utilizing the contributions of science. above all Brush, the teeth with the brush and toothpaste, sink mouth prayer.

The contribution of cooked science to heater or gas strain. Because Science contributes to every field with us. Perhaps the contribution of freezing food preserving food, dressing clothes in clothes, traveling and transport of machinery. also the contribution of science to the mobile that we use in connection with communication.

Science in the treatment system:-

Science in the medical field created a wonder. The recent success of medical science in establishing parts of the body, including the heart of the heart, is inaccessible. The scientists also prevented malaria, pneumonia, tuberculosis, diarrhea, cancer, and other diseases.

Nearly X-Re, ECG, Endoscopic, Ultrasonogram, Citizen, etc., can discover the condition of all parts of the body from hair to nose. Now open hard Zardari, kidney transplantation, cancer treatment, etc. almost protects people from dead death.





 Medical science diagnosis:-

Medical Science has achieved tremendous success in the twenty-first century. The most notable of the most accurate diagnosis, even before the birth and the possibility of diagnosing the disease. Of course, the blood test is very important in diagnosis.

There are various types of components in human blood. She is healthy because of the right and the regulator. Further, the blood pressure device, as a blood test device, has become very popular with many diseases of the patient. And the name of the device of diagnosis of various types is, Citiscane, Fiber Optic, Goniometer, etc.

Science in agriculture:-

Peace and success have given people to every work of Science. Because a huge Earth has brought the hand of a human hand. Farming is very important with the existence of humans. People’s demand is food.  In ancient times, people use to eat fruits and buns for livelihood and to keep their lives alive for eating food. As a result of their cultivation gradually, they are convinced.





The contact also gets acquainted as civilized people. Even more, they used to grow hawks with horses, horses, and mules. The main obstacle in their agricultural work was nature. they also did not understand that they would be damaged during this time.

The water in the water will become more and it will cause damage. They did not believe that this time it would not rain. As a result, they did not have any improvement in their cache, but they could not save anything but could save it.

Science in the modernization of agriculture:-

Just two hundred years ago, agricultural work received a lot of modernity. Now instead of wood nuggets, power lanes, tractors, hydroceles, etc. Bombs come as a thorn machine.

Now it is better to cultivate rain even in the rain. There is no longer any fear. It is also possible due to the fact that due to this science it is possible to become very quickly by planting different trees. Plenty of good expectations are possible in scientific technology.

Science in communication:-

The Science also has gone through a lot of erosion in the midst of Khabay The speed of the sound is going on in the air, the rocket is moving at even greater speed. As a result, far-reaching people could communication information, pictures, etc. This has brought science to the hands of human hands. Also, There are some maladies along with the benefits of using the internet.

These are the people of the lab who get the better of the evil from the better. In the Internet, Turner is a waste of time and a poorly watched view. This young man wants to protect his family from this hand.  Also, This Science government is making laws to prevent misuse of information.


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