How Technology is now spreading all over the world.

How is technology now spreading around the world ?

Let us know, how the technology spread across the world? Because without humans, people can not go alone alone and without human tech-nology. Human development is increasing the use of tech-nology. Now outside of tech-nology, people can not continue for a moment. Because now we have learned to use tech-nology in the past, how do the technologies live without technology?Technology

Now we do not have the news message of our own people using this tech-nology. Using this tech-nology, you can take the news from one end of the world to another using the mobile phone. The use of this internet and tech-nology has resulted in people being more civilized than ever before.

People have been much better than before. And this is the tech-nology that has changed the fate of many people. Many unemployed people found employment online.


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Now we talk about the good aspects of technology.

By using the technology, people are now going to the moon to study, people use the tech-nology to drive space exploration, using technology, people create different vehicles, using tech-nology to send different types of satellites to space, making rockets, aircraft, ships, television, mobile Creating phones, and the necessary software. “Such education is for the nation’s backbone of the nation as well as the civilized nation”.People use technology to save a lot of time. Before the people used to walk and now people walk by car, somebody or someone on the bus or some other train, motorbike, rickshaw, etc.With the use of technology, people have got much comfort.

Because the previous person wrote a message through the letter, and now the person who calls the call, sends the message through the mobile phone.So the technology is so advanced.Now it is possible to send money from one place to another. The cause of the previous man’s death was better treatment, which was not earlier. And now, because of how many people are slack back from the dead body.So people have become more aware now.

Now using technology, the computer is now used to spread education.

Even small children have now learned to use technology. Now people are keeping pace with technology.The people of Bangladesh voted using technology in the elections of 2019.People will vote with a fingerprint. The votes in this election will be counted on computer basis.

Facebook. Mark Junker Burt’s father. Various people of different occupations, people of different nationalities use this. The rich poor people use this tech-nology.The use of tech-nology is now seen more in the machine.Such art model is handled by the machine.

People are making a lot of things using technologyRobort is discovering the characteristics of humans.People will have to work as much as they do. As a result, people will be able to spend time with many other aspects.People will be more happy in the nation.

Between 2050, a number of countries will be working differently with robots.We all know that everything is good and bad two aspects. The same way technology has better side effects. We have discussed better aspects before, now let’s discuss the bad direction. The worst aspect of technology is the addiction in one of the other aspects. People thwart the internet all day long by scaling it.These small children are those who want to be reading the entire day.

They all used the smart phone and drove across the night to its various apps.

They all become more addicted to video games . which people now do not understand how much damage Games done to this person. Video games are such a thing that when someone wrote, I want to think again and again. This is an interesting fact that this is bad. Not video games. Do not use tech-nology facilities without misusing them. We will use all of the technology but do not harm ourselves. And now people who misbehave with tech-nology misbehave with information about social media such as Facebook, twitter, entrepreneur, harassing people with false information. This kind of misuse.     


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