Twitter user’s message has gone from 1% to third parties.

About 300,000 Tweet users have gone to the third party. For the past more than a year, information about these messages has been captured by a third party for a software bug.


Twitter user's message has gone from 1% to third parties.

Twitter user’s message has gone from 1% to third parties.

Recently, these information was released in a statement by Twitter itself.

Tweets says that due to this Software -related bug, the third party has been able to read the interchangeed messages between the users for two. Other business organizations who have also contacted their customers via Twitter have also gone to the third party.

However, the problem of software has already been fixed, Tweets says. Tweets has said that, since May of last year, users’ information started going to third parties. Twitter may know about this issue on 10th of this month. Then it was quickly resolved.

Although the problem was solved, Tweets has not released the number of subscribers it has hit. Has not disclosed third party identities. The micro-blogging site says about 1 percent of users have been infected with this problem. The message is now reported to people who have been infected by Twitte .

Tweets has expressed regret over the incident. Every day Twitter has around thirty million regular users.

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