United States wanted to blow the moon with nuclear bomb

The moon is still mysterious. There are various Information about this satellite in the world. There are many romantic names, Blue Moon, Crescent Moon, Full Moon … etc.

Some information about this satellite seen in the eyes of the night sky is highlighted for readers-

1. The moon is not round

 United States wanted to blow the moon with nuclear bomb

Blood moon or full moonlight

The moon’s shape is actually like an egg. When you look at it, you can see one of its small two ends. The center of the moon’s mass is not located in its geometric center. It is 1.8 miles away from the geometric center.

2. We do not always see the whole of the moon

When we look at the moon, we can see its 59 percent. The remaining 41 percent of the moon is never seen from Earth. If you do not trust this information and check whether it is true or not, look up to 41 percent of those hidden in the moon, but from there you will not see the earth.

3. Blue Moon has been due to the volcanic eruption

After the eruption of Moon from the volcanic eruption of Moon, it is believed that the word ‘Blue Moon’ was born in 1883.

Moon & Earth

 United States wanted to blow the moon with nuclear bomb

At that time, there was so much dust and smoke spread in the atmosphere due to the eruption that when people looked at the moon from the earth, the moon seemed to look blue from the earth. . And it has been made from the word ‘Voice in a Blue Moon’. This sentence is used to describe rare events.

4. The plan to blow the moon

The United States once really thought about the explosion of a nuclear bomb on the moon. The purpose was to demonstrate the US military power through it. Especially threatening Russia. The US Space Research Organization, NASA’s highly secretive plan, was named ‘A Study of Lunar Research Flights’ or ‘Project A119.’

5. Due to the cause of dragon

When the moon comes between the sun and the earth, or when the moon approaches between the sun and the earth, the light of the sun or the moon is temporarily faded. This phenomenon is either lunar or solar eclipse. An ancient Chinese belief is that when a dragon swallows the sun, the eclipse occurs.

The Chinese started to create as much noise as possible for them, so that the dragon went away fearing.The Chinese once believed that there was a huge frog living in the lunar holes. The rock was created 400 billion years ago when a rock ran out of the sky hit the moon.

6. Earth’s speed is slow due to the moon

When the moon comes closer to the earth, the tide is created. This is the same as new or soon after flowering.

Then the Earth’s rotation power steals the Moon. Because of that, the speed of the Earth is going to slow down approximately 1.55 milliseconds every 100 years.

 7. Moon Light

The sun is more than 14 times brighter than a full moon. If the brightness is equal to the sun, it Needs about four million full moon.

United States wanted to blow the moon with nuclear bomb

Photos of the lunar eclipse taken from India.

When the moon moves inside the shadow of the moon, the moon’s surface can be reduced by 500 degrees Fahrenheit during less than one and a half times.

8. Leonardo da Vinci understood what the crescent was

When we look like the moon in the form of a crescent or a half-moon, we can only see the light of the sun dipped from the moon. The rest of the moon is very vague. It also depends on the weather. Artist Leonardo da Vinci is the first person who could realize that the moon is not actually shrinking and stretching, but part of it is hidden.

9. Made with moon cheese

There’s more to the moon, which is still unknown to us. But interestingly, a survey was conducted in 1988 in Arizona, USA. It has been found that 13 percent of people surveyed believe that the moon is made from cheese or cheese.

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