Amazon CEO made a big mistake in choosing new staff


Tech companies are trying to use artificial intelligence in the selection of job seekers. Photo: Collected

Large tech companies have a lot of applications submitted for jobs. It is very difficult to choose the right candidate from among so many applications. The Amazon company has appointed an AI or artificial intelligence to simplify the work. It’s a long way to make things easy, that AI is a big mistake.

But to get this problem, we need to know about a couple of years ago, when Microsoft created an AI called ‘TEE’ and let him use social media. But inspired by everyone ,the AI ​​is soon convinced of the White Supreme (white beliefs) and Nazi ideology.Even he started posting . Hitler was right , and  I hate feminists, they should die, should burn to hell , began to say these things. Then he was quickly removed from the Internet.

Curiously, this is not an isolated incident. Racism and gender discrimination can be seen on the Internet. These problems are also infected in the A I I D.

Amazon was trying to use AI to recruit new employees since 2014. In essence, they try to create an enzyme, where 100 applications will be presented and the best 5 applications will be brought out.

A dozen of Amazon creates

an AI program that will be able to find the best candidate and can review from one to five stars. For those engineers, the AIT teaches 50,000 words from past application candidates.

The problem is that most of the candidates were men in the past, and then the male employees were appointed more than women in the company. Due to education from the example of the past, that AI promotes those applicants who are male. In an application, if he understands that she is a woman, then the AIT has refused to accept the application.

This program is discontinued due to selection of gender-related and ineligible candidates.

Amazon told Reuters that the AI ​​was never used to recruit candidates. He was just run on experimental basis. A less powerful variation of it may be used to delete the same application twice. Apart from this, another AI may be brought back to enhance the diversity of people, regardless of race, religion, color and gender. However, no one will be recruited depending on the Ai, so powerful technology has not yet come.

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