B T R C will take action if more than 2 percent of the calls will drop


B T R C will take action if more than 2 percent of the calls will drop

The Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (B T R C) will be able to fine the operators if more calls are made in more than 100 calls during the mobile phone talk process.

According to the Quality of Service (Q o S) policy approved by Ministry of Post, Telecommunication and Information Technology recently, the B T R C  can be fined.

According to the ministry sources, according to the K O S  policy, the speed of mobile internet (L T E) will be in the minimum of 7 Mbita bits, 2 Mbita bits in Thriji  and 160 Kg b to Tuji.

Information Minister Mustafa Jabber said that the ministry has completed its work by approving the K O S policy. B T R C will now take care of the issue.

According to him, this policy will create competition fields between mobile operators and broadband Internet service providers (I S P S) and eliminate customer dissatisfaction.

B T R C sources said that every month the complaints were filed against operators on various issues including call drop, data Spider .

According to the latest figures, five calls have been filed in the B T R C since July to September. In addition, 46 complaints have been submitted in the last three months regarding the speed of the Internet.

They  are also have disposed of 1,1366 cases, including one thousand 496 complaints. Apart from this, the way of resolving the 130 complaints made to the customers.

Any complaint of subscribers’ network, telecommunication and telecommunications subscribers can be made to the B T R C by calling ‘100’.


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