Bricks made from urine!

This brick has been made from human urine. Photo: Collected


Researchers have found ways to use molasses in different ways as part of the waste plan. But the brick from the urine? Yes, one such researcher has discovered South African researchers. These bricks made of them are environmentally friendly.

This bio-briquette made from urine has more properties such as sand and bacteria. But after the formation of this brick, the smell of urine came from it. Researchers at the University of Cape Town have however claimed that the stench disappears after 48 hours.

This urine is collected from men’s public toilets in the University of Cape Town. First fertilization was made from urine. Then the rest of it is mixed with bacteria and sand. Generally, bricks are hard to brittle in many heat and there is a lot of carbon dioxide to cause damage to the environment. But bricks are hardened without the heat in their method.

If a person drops about 100 times a piece of brick making material is available.

Researchers Dillon Randall said that the coral is made in the sea, much of it is made of bricks by its closest approach. Bacteria create an enzyme that produces calcium carbonate from the urine and mixes solid sand with sand.

Despite being environmentally friendly, there are some bad sides of this brick. If there is a smell of dogs or cats in the house, it smells like this brick . But this smell goes after 48 hours.

Source: Yahoo! Science

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