7 tips for improving elon mask work

Elon Mask, Chief Executive Officer of High Tech Company Tesla, has urged the workers to increase efficiency in the work. He has given seven tips to e-mail the e-mail to them.

On April 19th, a media report from Business Insider said on Thursday.

Recently, Elon Mask announced the launch of the company’s work on seven days a week and 24 hours a day to make Tessler’s model three electronic cars more dynamic. Since the staff has to work more, so have some tips on how to increase efficiency in the work.

 Elon Mask

Tesla Chief Executive Officer Elon Mask Photo: Business Insider

Mascot does not like to adhere to woodcutting rules or to meet. His aim is to finish the task quickly and quickly. Not only is he advising others, but he also expects advice from others.

Elon Mask in the e-mail said that if anyone has any suggestions to make Tesla’s work better, then he should be informed.

The 7 suggestions that Elon Mask-

1) Meeting people is just a waste of time

Masks have been told to spend more time with more people, and he has advised to stop the meetings and stop the meetings.because If everyone wants to meet in the meeting, then they are asked to recapture in less time.

2) Do not need regular meetings

There is no also need to meet regularly if there is no urgent matter. Once the emergency is over, it has been asked to reduce the number of meetings.

 3) Exit the meeting

‘If you also do not have to be present at the meeting, leave the meeting’, said Elon Mask. It is not insulting to go out of the meeting, but it is a bad thing to waste time while sitting in the meeting.

 4) Avoid misleading language

To talk about anything, you should use the language which everyone will understand. Masks do not require special language when working in Tesla.

5) No need to handle chain of command for communication

If you need communication in a work, you should do it quickly. There is no need to comply with the chain of command in this regard. Even if a manager tries to impose a chain of command for communication, Elon Masks has said that he will be fired.

6) Contact directly

Talking to someone is necessary to talk directly to someone. In this case, not being able to go to the chain of command, Eilon mask asked to contact himself with initiative. He did not have the task of going beyond the huge chain of chain of command, he claimed.

7) Do not waste time trying to follow the rules

‘Always work with the intelligence of the present. If the rule of rule is bizarre, then that rule should be changed, ‘said Eilon  mask.

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