The rumors are spreading on Facebook that work is important

In the words – lies or spreads to the wind. It is 100 percent true in today’s world. At present, it is very easy to prove the truth to lie, on the other hand, truth is often suppressed, behind the blurring of lies. Meanwhile, the social media has become a buzzing asset. Cheap mobile phones and affordable internet have turned into a monkey hand gun.A group of misguided people often offer different rumors and false information to increase the likes of their pages / groups or to achieve bad intentions. Other people spread the false news of these people through emotions.


Do not be confused with rumors! Photo: Collected

Who is the benefit of the day? You – none of me Only some evil people have achieved the purpose of evil purpose. Let’s know if 7 rumors are necessary to spread the rumors of social media. Otherwise, you can also face other different kinds of troubles including police station police.

1. Do not become troubled

Seeing a bad news or something weird, we become emotionally absorbed by anyone who becomes unstable. But in the worst time, nothing is resolved in emotion. So seeing something, think of it as truth and do not become unstable, do not make any decision in emotion. Keep calm

2. True-false

Please verify the truth before reporting any news. Remember, you are not a television channel that will have to broadcast breaking news right now. So take some time off from someone who does not want to be a fool, and check the truth. If you wait a bit, you can know the truth. Do not believe in any information whatsoever from someone other than the true name and identity. For the lie, it is necessary to keep the handkerchief.

 3. Do not press the share button

Shatter to share – stay away from anything like that. These are the only evil motives to play with people’s emotions. Those who want like-comment-shares, even in times of danger, are not worried about the danger at all. Rather, he is only doing business in dubious¬†marketing. So think thousands of times before pressuring the share button. Because your closest people will be confused with your share, hold a lie as true.

4. Do not resist the fire

with fire Some people or rumors, you or you have made a counter-rumor to resist it – it is not the work of the conscious citizen in any way. It can be a fatal mistake in the field of thorns in many cases with thorns.

5. The closest person is not the truthful

Someone or some relative who knows your Facebook, has given some shares, so that does not mean that he knows everything. It is more likely that he does not know anything. It is not even the case that someone is close to you as he speaks the truth. Just believe in what you have seen in reality or in an established media, not on the Facebook page. Face-book page is not media.

6. Before the observation

Do not be unstable and watch for a while. As a result few rumors are not true, it is known only within a few hours. Wait for verification. There will be no gain by quarreling or quarreling with anyone, only the enemy will increase. So do not go to Dalalalite to monitor the better. Do not confuse the ears with the ears!

7. Complaint on Facebook or on appropriate basis

The most important thing is to report on Facebook first. At present, Face-book has become very aware of rumors, false news, pornography, drugs, violence etc. To report a post, click on the three doted places on the right-hand side. The options will come, from here select the Hyde Post. There are many different options available to report.You can also complain by directly posting the report. It may also be reported in the police or RAB helpline. You can ask for help by calling 999.

Keeping yourself as far away as possible if rumors spread on Facebook. Keep an eye out, if you do not have a role.

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