Facebook user information is unreachable – what we need to know

Facebook is popular as social media in many countries including Bangladesh. This social network was caught by unknown hackers this month. Facebook did not specify the exact number of Facebook users of this country were victims of this attack. It is being speculated that the Facebook users of the country were caught by hackers.

What is known about the new Facebook attack has been highlighted-


Facebook user information is unreachable – what we need to know

What happened ?

Facebook reported that some cyber attackers attacked their network. In it, at least five million subscribers’ personal information may have been in vain.

What information is hacked by hackers?

Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg said hackers were not able to get full access to any account. Hackers used the Facebook developer API. Through this they can take Facebook user name, gender and local address.

The information that was not lost

Facebook is suspecting that hackers could not take users’ private messages and credit card information through recent attacks.

Change the password key

Passwords are automatically saved with the user’s permission in the browser that has been accessed through Facebook. As a result, the user does not have to enter the password repeatedly. Token Access does not store Facebook’s password. This will not change unless you change the password.

Why is the Facebook logout automatically?

After knowing about the hacking, Facebook authorities reset access token users’ users. As a result, Facebook’s 90 million users were automatically logged out.

When is the cyber attack?

Facebook can identify the issue of this attack on their network this week. But they did not know how long the attack was going on.

Who is involved in this attack?

Facebook authorities initially could not identify the identity of the attackers. But Facebook has said that the US intelligence agency Federal Bureau of Intelligence (FBI) is investigating the incident.

How do hackers attack?

Hackers get the chance to attack due to the three errors of Facebook Among these, ‘View As’ is one of the features. Hackers take advantage of the user’s information by using this feature.

Facebook has solved the problem?

Facebook reported that they had resolved this security error on September 27.

How do I get my account completely hacked?

Login to Facebook and select Settings Security and login options. Only those devices or browsers that you have logged in to Facebook will appear there only. If you have a device outside your address, then your account is fully hacked. For that, select the device and logout the account.

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