The use of the Google App will mean the added value of the smartphone


In the countries of Europe, the tech companies that sell Android smartphones, tabs or these devices running Android operating systems will have to pay extra money from now on.

On October 16, Google posted the information on their blog post.

According to, the new smartphones will be installed in other European countries, including Gmail, YouTube and Google Maps. This license fee will be effective from October 29. However, mobile manufacturers can install two free Google search engines and Chrome browser apps.

According to a post on Google blog, the European Union (EU) antitrust has fined Google a bigger amount in July this year. In this context, Google decided to take this decision.

It is also known that Google Play Store is the most important feature of Android. Thousands of apps in this play store make any smartphones accessible. In order to use this feature Google Mobile creates pressure on pre-install before Google search and Chrome. The also EU stays in it. Their claim, it is illegal.

Later, while giving the EU $ 500 million fine to the EU, it took time to withdraw from such activities.

Google App

Google App

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