MNP’s first results were published, new mobile factories added

In the first week of this month, operator operators shifted or mobile number portability (MNP) service has been started. And the second week after the launch of MNP, how many subscribers lost an operator, whose calculations were calculated. That means the Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission ( BTRC), publishing the first results of MNP in limited form in the second week of October.


Symbolic pictures

In addition to this, the launch of a new mobile factory and mobile handsets have been added in the week to two new handsets.

‘Technology laid of the week’ organized by Tech Tech on the events discussed in domestic technology. It was shown at a glance that the whole week of Technology laid . From 7th October to 13th October, several incidents took place in Technology laid .

Five days of MNP results :

MNP service started in the country starting from the first hour of the month. After eight days of this, on October 9, the BTRC announced the results of the new five-day service of MNP.

As per the results, 10 thousand 122 applications have been submitted in the next five days after the launch of MNP service. On the first day of the launch of the MNP, the application has been submitted for the transfer of 1,1686. Besides, two thousand 169 on the second day, 1 thousand 977 on the third day, 2,580 on the fourth day and 1,580 applications were filed on the fifth day.

Of these applications, four thousand 181 have been successful. Operators have been barred or canceled instead of 5,862 applications. There are also 79 applications for monitoring.

In the overall analysis, it was seen that  was ahead of the customer. But the state operator was behind the most.

Talking to mobile ‘decreased’

The number of mobile phone conversations has decreased due to the increase in the minimum call rate for mobile operators or mobile number portability (MNP) services, according to BTRC.

Last week the information was found in the organization’s analysis. According to the BTRC analysis, the increase in the minimum call rate and off-net and net-net was discontinued as compared to the previous day, the rate of talking was reduced by 6.3 percent.

According to BTRC statistics, the number of calls decreased by four.88 million minutes a day. On the day before, 79.6 million calls were made. Now it is 74.88 million minutes. According to statistics, call rates in one operator or other operators have increased in call rates or off-net call rates, even if call rates are decreasing between their operators or on-net call rates.

BTRC report on customer complaints

After the 3 G service in the country, the mobile service is not started but the problem of mobile network is not decreasing the mobile network. The picture also was found in the statistics published on 10th of BTRC on the weekend.

Statistics show different images of customer complaints in the first three months of this year. It is seen, the increasingly problematic mobile network is facing complaints.

According to the data provided by the BTRC, the total number of complaints received in the month of July, August and September of this year is 496. Of these, most of the SIM related complaints have been submitted. But the continuation of the increase in the allegations was that of the network.

Apart from this, the BTRC has complained about 21 cases related to network problems. While the top is seam-friendly, the lowest complaint is on the license and voice call issue. In the last three months, there have been allegations of tariff, social media and cybercrime as well as other charges.

Inauguration of new mobile factory

On October 12, the fifth Star Mobile Factory was inaugurated in Gazipur. The mobile factory was inaugurated by the Minister of Posts, Telecommunications and Information Technology Mustafa Jabbar.

According to the organization, the factories have been established around 20 thousand square feet. This factory will now be set up in accordance with the assembly of mobile sets. This factory will employ more than five hundred people.

U M D G two smartphones

On October 7, the country’s mobile market brings two new smartphones to the U M D C. Two handsets of ‘U M D G One’ and ‘One Pro’ model were unveiled at a ceremony held in a city hotel.

Compressed this U M D G One series in mid-budget budget with side fingerprint, fast wireless charger and NFC facilities. The price of U M D G One phone has been fixed at Money 15,990 and the price of 1 pro is 19,990 Money .


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