If the mobile phone gets wet with water?

Mobile phone, someone who does not like ? Priced or low cost, as always, we all try to keep our mobile sets from water away from water. Nowadays weather turns to change. The sun came out from the house and it appeared that the rain started to emerge. If you also do not have an umbrella or raincoat In this situation, you will be able to get wet, you can also get your expensive mobile dining. If that happens, then do not worry. 

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Keep in mind that some important tips on how to do it quickly when mobile phone  water falls or gets wet in rain.

  1. Soon after the water does not enter the set, pick up the mobile set or remove it from the water. Together turn off the mobile phone  switch.

2. Put thin cloth / tissue on the bottom of the mobile and carefully remove the battery by                      removing the set.

3. Remove the SIM card, open the headphones or any other connection.

4. Dry lightly dry, you can also use vacuum cleaner carefully.

5. Never use a hair dryer.

6. Put a strainer or a bunch of water or keep it standing up to get the water inside.

7. Do not try to get on with the technician even if not possible. Give a chance to dry. One day                after the switch on the mobile phone  switch or see.

8. If also not, do not go to do anything to understand yourself. There is a need for a mobile                   technician who needs help.

9. Never forget to pay a wet mobile phone  charge. Then all ends.

Some more tips: – Do not forget to burn the extra bucket to dry the mobile set. If the set is turned on but it looks still wet, then dry it in the fan air slowly. If you think that these problems may be your job and communication problems , then buy a good company’s water resistant set by raising the budget.

Various types of mobile phone kits are available now in the market , you can also buy any one of your needs. If the mobile set falls into the oceans of the sea, first lightly wash it once in the normal water, then dry it as before. Keep the VJ mobile phone at normal temperature, keep it away from hot or colder places. 

If you have a long trip to the plane, then take your wijet set with it, it will dry very quickly in the dry air of the sky. Which can also never be done  Never try to dry the mobile phone  set or its microwaves. How to tell technicians exactly how long the set was in contact with water Never use the heat on the battery. It is also very dangerous.

Keep your hand close to the emergency situation – Tomato cloth piece, towel-crotch bod – Polythene bag with seamstress sealed – Small box / box to separate the set of mobile phone  device. Now keep your favorite mobile phone carefully. Do not forget to inform others too.

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