10 tips smartphone battery charging

It’s absolutely unimaginable for every minute of every day without smart mobile. It is possible to do all the necessary things in life through smart mobile handsets. Any work urgent in the office or taking photographs, making videos, filming, interacting with people in far-flung areas. all work except for this machine is all stagnant! In total, from the urgent work to the entertainment media, all the time, the need is the favorite mobile phone.

 battery charging

After the work, the mobile phone should be kept in the bag or in the pocket without holding it. Photo: Ariful Islam

But when the emergency machine comes to an emergency, the battery of the machine is in full swing, then the machine becomes ineffective at one moment. Normally the battery of smart phones end up very quickly and does not last more than a day. But if you can follow some small and tricky tricks, you will still be able to recharge the battery even after using a mobile phone.

1. cleaning charging port

Not only the mobile phone screen, the charging port should also be cleaned regularly. Daily usage of dirt in the charging port of the mobile goes after the layer. Thereby, there is a problem of mobile charging in the long run. So, the mobile phone charging port should be cleaned after a few days after installing tissue with Cottonbad or toothpick.

2.  Avoid using colorful images of wallpaper

As a mobile phone wallpaper, everyone uses many colorful and bright images. This reduces the battery charge quickly. For that reason the wallpaper should be used as a white-black and a slightly dazzling wallpaper.

3.  Always do not hold mobile hands

The body has its own warmth. As a result, the mobile phone battery charging started decreasing by accepting the warmth of the hands of the mobile phone for more time. For that reason, you should keep it in the mobile phone or pocket after the work.

4.  Auto-rotation options are closed

Only the auto-rotation option should be turned on for emergency work. Also, it is necessary to keep these options off for the rest of the time. Because, a special type of sensor is used for this option. Whose name is ‘Accelerometer’. That sucks the mobile battery very quickly.

5.  Do not keep background programs running

Surely many mobile apps have been used throughout the day. Starting from the beginning of the day with the use of Google Maps or Gmail all the necessary apps. However, it seems that all apps will be closed after use. If the apps are not fully closed, then those apps are run in the background. Because battery charges are used. Every time you use the apps you need to close the apps window.

6.  reduce the background brightness of the mobile

Everyone knows about this matter. If the highest brightness of the mobile is given, then the battery charge ends much faster. For that reason the brightness of the mobile phone should not exceed 30-40% . Also, the brightness of the mobile phone will not be able to increase the brightness of the auto-brightness option.

7.  Vibration mode closed

One of the reasons for the end of mobile phone battery drain is to keep the mobile phone in vibration mode. Only during the time of need, such as: In the official meeting or at all other times except in the examination, the mobile vocabulary mode should be closed.

8.  Use the ‘Auto Time Out’ option for the mobile screen

Many do not use the ‘timeout’ or ‘slip’ option for their mobile screen. For this reason, the mobile screen is always running. By adjusting this option with time (15 seconds, 30 seconds) the auto screen will be closed after the scheduled time. It costs less battery .

9.  Close GPS, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi at work

At the end of the necessary tasks, these options must be closed. Because the mobile phone battery costs too much if these options are turned on.

10.  Mobile phone switch off

The need to keep the mobile phone switched off while sleeping at night. Because of this the rest of the mobile phone and mobile phone batteries are rested. Because of which the battery is charging for a long time.

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