Youtube image-in-image features of the web platform


You tube image features web platform

After handheld devices, YouTube has come up with a picture-in-picture feature for the web platform. This information was given in a report by Google’s Technology Knight to Five Google. It is said in this report that due to this feature, you can watch videos in a small window through a computer or a laptop.

Currently, a YouTube user can not view the video while browsing the video through a web browser. However, this feature will appear in the small window on the video while browsing other videos on YouTube.

Knight to Five Google says the experimental launch of this new feature has been launched, but Google Chrome, Safari and many other web browsers have seen the Picture-in-Picture feature.

The report further says that the next version of web browsers can be found, this new feature can be found. Earlier in July this year YouTube has opened this feature for everyone on handheld devices.

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