Opposition To Zuckerberg Investors


Opposition to Zuckerberg investors

Facebook’s chairman and chief executive officer (CEO) Mark Zuckerberg has said to leave the post some of the investors of the company.

A news release has recently been published in the New York Times that Facebook has assigned a PR (PR) organization to the reprisal of its critics, which has links with the Republican Party. After the publication of the news, Zuckerberg was asked to release the post of Facebook chairman.

The owner of 85 million shares of Facebook has demanded the resignation of US Vice President Jonas Crane Zuckerberg, senior vice-president of the United States, Trilium Asset Management.He said that Facebook is behaving like a person who is dependent on people. But the company is not actually. This is an organization, it needs to be separated from the company’s chairman and CEO.

According to analysts, due to the new criticism against Facebook, the organization’s reputation will be ruined, and there will also be a storm on Zuckerberg chairman post. At the same time, this is a big push for Sir Nick Clegg, Facebook’s newly appointed ‘Global Head of Policy’.

The credibility of Facebook after the Cambridge Analyst Kand has been a big threat. Even then, a few rounds of information about the customer’s information about Behata go downstream.

This report was published only when Facebook was asking for continued efforts to regain their lost credibility.

Mark Zuckerberg said after the report was published in the New York Times, he discussed it quickly after seeing it and severed all relationships with Facebook with that company.

Zakirbarg also claimed that he did not know the name of this organization. Facebook’s Chief Operating Officer (COO) Sheryl Sandberg also claims the same.


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