3 Students Have Introduced Automatic Car Parking System.

Automatic Car Parking System.
3 Students Have Introduced Automatic Car Parking System.

Automatic Car Parking With the high rate of increment allied to increasing economic activity in Bangladesh’s growing urban centers, the quantity of vehicles on the roads is additionally growing exponentially.

The rise within the variety of vehicles is outpacing 2 connected facilities by an outsized margin: the number of road on that these vehicles square measure meant to ply, and areas in and round the cities and cities wherever they’ll be set.

While the state is seen to require some initiatives a minimum of once it involves the previous, the construct of dedicated parking areas has simply ne’er caught on in Asian nation, and also the importance of provisioning them looks lost on policymakers.

But 3 students of a personal university in Sylhet could have return up with the supposed ‘killer app’ for dedicated parking areas to require off in Asian nation.

They have devised an automatic fashionable automotive parking system which can minimise the house needed for parking cars, or to place it in a different way, maximise the utilization of the house out there for parking.

Ibn Devi, Anik Miah and Rakibul Islam Leading University of Electrical and Electronic Engineering Department of Leading University have formulated an automatic parking system in the management of the department of the University – Professor Rumel, MS Rahman Pirey’s Head Professor Md. Niaz Murshedul Haq – They claim that the first Asian country.

The parking system are totally management led by programmable logic control (PLC) while not anyone’s facilitated, the scholars have aforesaid recently, adding that a lot of vehicles may be set along in an exceedingly little house below the system.

How the system can work at Automatic Car Parking ?

A driver can place his fingerprint in an exceedingly specific place if they require to park the vehicle below the system.

The door of the {parking zone|parking lot|automobile parking house car parking zone can open if there’s enough space for parking.

The driver can keep the vehicle on the plate of the parking lot and are available back. Then the plate can mechanically take the vehicle to the vacant house and unleash it there.

Similarly, once the driving force can return for his vehicle, he can have to be compelled to determine himself through his fingerprints and also the system can match him to his automotive if it’s within the system, and also the plate can bring it to him.

The parking system designed by the 3 personal university students is suited to a three-storey one. Four cars may be set on every floor.

However, the quantity handled by the system may be exaggerated over and over reckoning on what’s desired or needed, the 3 inventors aforesaid.

Talking concerning the explanations behind production the machine-controlled automotive parking system, the scholars aforesaid because the variety of individuals in cities and cities is increasing, that the vehicles. However, there’s not enough house for parking those vehicles.

As a result, vehicles square measure unbroken haphazardly on roads that creates holdup, ingestion up each time and fuel and cost accounting the country economically.

Keeping this in mind, they need fabricated the machine-controlled parking system once intensive analysis of six months, aforesaid Nabendu, Anik and Rakibul.

Earlier, 3 different students of the university – Shafiqul Alam, Jasim Uddin and Md Zihad Al-Sabah — designed a special electrical chair with their absolute brilliance to ease the troubles of the physically-challenged individuals, by any reducing their dependence on fit helpers.

People with disabilities will operate the chair autonomously, with simply the utilization of one finger.

Among the advantages of automatic car parking, the car itself is parked on its own and therefore takes place and less.

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