Trump to report political bias against Facebook, Google and Twitter
  1. US President Donald Trump has alleged that conservatives are being discriminated against by social media. And technology companies have not taken any action to stop their behavior, he complains Tuesday. NDTV, Straight Times .
  2. After a lawsuit filed by Trump’s congressional friend Twitter against allegations of discrimination against the conservatives, he raised a piled up allegation on the center of international technology companies Silicon Valley. But the technology companies have denied the allegations of political bias.
  3. Republican Representative Devine Nunes filed a lawsuit against Twitter for receiving a compensation of $ 25 million for allegations of political bias.
  4. Trump said, Facebook, Google and Twitter attacking the conservative Republicans, but also laugh at the left-wing Democrats. They never find ‘corrupt’ media or mention them.
  5. Trump added that there will be discrimination in Facebook and Twitter where Republicans and Conservatives are in attendance. Trump complains about Trump’s social networking director Dave Sawyon’s Facebook account that blocked the Facebook account.

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