DRDO says junk from Mission Sakti equipment check poses no danger to satellite

India’s Defense analysis and Development Organisation insisted Saturday that junk from its anti-satellite missile check wasn’t a danger to the International satellite, during a rebuff to criticism from the U.S. area agency.

India has been on the defensive following the twenty-seven March check that NASA branded a “terrible thing” that had created new dangers for astronauts aboard the International satellite.

“The mission had been designed during a means that junk decays in no time which stripped-down junk goes up,” G Satheesh Reddy, head of India’s Defence analysis and Development Organisation told reporters. “There was a risk for ten days, and that we have crossed that amount,” he told a conference.

“As per our simulations, there have been no prospects of touch the International satellite with junk from the satellite,” he added.

NASA chief Jim Bridenstine last week condemned India’s destruction of the satellite as a “terrible thing” that created four hundred items of orbital junk, or “space junk”.


The 5000-km vary Agni-V missile was launched from Kalam Island off Odisha at

The danger from “space junk” isn’t that it falls to Earth however that it collides with orbiting satellites.

Even the littlest piece of junk move at nice speeds will place a satellite out of action.

The Indian satellite was destroyed at a comparatively low altitude of three hundred kilometers, a hundred and twenty kilometers below the ISS and most orbiting satellites.

Bridenstine and alternative area specialists additionally same the chance from the Indian junk would dissipate the maximum amount of it’d spend because it entered the atmosphere.

The U.S. military tracks objects in the area to predict the collision risk for the ISS and satellites. they’re presently pursuit twenty-three,000 objects larger than ten centimeters.

These include regarding ten,000 items of area junk, of that nearly three,000 were created by a Chinese anti-satellite check.

India has hailed the check as a symbol that it’s an area power. solely u. s., Russia, and China had antecedently applied palmy anti-satellite missile strikes in the area.

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