Renders of ‘2019 iPhone concept’ depict sq. Camera bump as a part of the rear glass


The iPhone xs, iPhone xs, and iPhone or square measure halfway through their lives, and rumors concerning subsequent iPhone models are getting additional elaborate daily.

Apple’s 2019 phones might embrace a spread of upgrades starting from a brand new style to a triple-lens camera and alternative increased options. Here’s everything we all know concerning the devices up to now.

Design Of Renders of 2019 iPhone show amazingly chunky camera module.

What will Apple do with the iPhone style in 2019? If these renders square measure a correct depiction, it’s going to be one in every of the foremost visually difficult iPhone models we’ve ever seen. The renders show an outsized camera bump within the high corner, containing 3 camera lenses and a flash unit.

Other than the bizarre arrangement of the lenses, what stands out is that the rear panel could also be fabricated from one piece of glass. The front of the iPhone shows the screen retains a similar wide notch introduced on the iPhone x.

Renders of '2019 iphone concept' depict square camera bump as part of the rear glas

To help disguise the odd lens system placement, Apple might use a special lens coating to create them less noticeable, in step with analyst Ming-chi Kuo. This doesn’t appear to be a gift, or if it’s, not terribly effective, within the higher than pictures.

The renders, shared by on leaks and cashkaro.Com, square measure like a schematic additionally antecedently shared by twitter informant on leaks.


A render supported an engineering model shows a distinct style apple could also be experimented with for the 2019 iPhone. It’s a horizontal camera module at the highest center on the rear, with 3 camera lenses, and a flash unit round the middle lens.

The leak, from on leaks and compare raja. In, isn’t official and isn’t final proof of what this year’s iPhone can appear as if. However, the location claims it’s one in every one of the styles being examined by apple.


There square measure several rumors encompassing the introduction of USB type-c; however, despite early rumors suggesting this year’s iPhone might use the universal association, besides reports of tests, the indication is that the lightning connexion can stay.

All the 2019 iPhone models can have a lightning connexion, says analyst Ming-chi Kuo, as will macotakara.


Rumors concerning apple romp with USB-c for iPhone square measure fairly common. Apple adopted the USB-c port for 2018’s iPad professional because it permits for a lot of similar practicality because the lightning port, however, features a lot of wider repository of accessories to draw from, and this has fueled rumors that Apple is putting in for an additional universal iPhone.

Plus, the EU union started pushing for a universal phone charging commonplace once more in 2018, which can eventually force Apple’s hand.

How many models? Of Renders of ‘2019 phone concept’ depict sq. Camera bump as a part of the rear glass.

Renders of '2019 iphone concept' depict square camera bump as part of the rear

In 2019, sequels to the iPhone xs, iPhone xs, and iPhone or square measure extremely possible, and so far, most leaked specifications and details appear to relate to those models.

However, Apple could also be designing an iPhone x-style surprise, therein it’s going to additionally launch 2 alternative fully new phones this year.

The unidentified iPhone devices might feature triple-lens cameras, whereas the opposite 3 iPhone devices can solely receive internal updates. If correct, this could mean Apple can announce 5 new iPhone models this year.


A 6.1-inch version and a six.5-inch version square measure reported, every with a rather thicker body to accommodate the larger camera sensors — though this could solely be a half-a-millimeter distinction.

In addition, the 2 phones square measure being coupled with USB type-c charging, and a reverse charge feature to power up the apple watch, or airports, with wireless charging.

These 2 new phones appear to mix several of the options already reported for the quality 2019 iPhone, and thus the rumor might not be correct. The rumor comes from the availability chain in China, as reportable by the usually reliable macotakara, though, thus it shouldn’t instantly be fired.

Specification Of Renders of ‘2019 phone concept’ depict sq. Camera bump as a part of the rear glass

What can we fathom the technical specification for the 2019 iPhone? One attention-grabbing rumor that continues to unfold is that the introduction of what’s being known as “bilateral wireless charging,” or two-way charging, which is able to let the phone wirelessly charge alternative devices. Huawei introduced the same system with the mate twenty professional, and Samsung did a similar for the galaxy s10.


Analyst Ming-chi Kuo aforesaid in an investors report that he expects the 2019 iPhone models to support the feature, indicating it’s going to be accessible across the very, instead of restricted to one model. Apple’s version might solely charge alternative apple devices like the Apple watch, or the new airports with a wireless charging case.

The battery capability within the phones may additionally increase — by up to fifteen within the xs soap sequel, and by up to twenty-fifth within the xs sequel.


Additionally, it’s doable the phones can have improved property for indoor navigation and positioning, and improved face id. In 2018 quite one rumor aforesaid apple might drop a 3d bit in 2019, a feature that doesn’t seem on this phone XR.

Display Of Renders of ‘2019 phone concept’ depict sq. Camera bump as a part of the rear glass

Currently, the iPhone xs and xs sport OLED screens whereas the iPhone or sports apple’s proprietary liquid tissue layer LCD. Thus ought to we have a tendency to expect additional of a similar for 2019? For 2019, Apple is probably going to retain a similar five. 8-inch, 6.1-inch, and 6.5-inch screen sizes say analyst Ming-chi Kuo, whom antecedently explicit the LCD model can continue this year, and will additionally outsell the old iPhone models.

Renders of '2019 iphone concept' depict square camera bump as part of the rear glass


The wall street journal is additionally claiming 2019’s phone vary can embrace an iPhone XR-style model with a liquid crystal display LCD digital display alphanumeric display, while two, costlier models can embrace OLED panels. This goes against earlier rumors from south Korean news supply news, who claimed the corporate had chosen OLED screens for “all 3 models.”


Their square measure rumors Apple might introduce a hole-punch show, as used on the honor read twenty and also the Samsung galaxy a8s. Whereas a patent filed in gregorian calendar-month 2018 advised apple would be chasing that very same trend in 2019’s iPhone, noted informant ice universe claims 2019’s iPhone can still rock a notch — and also the earliest we will expect to visualize an iPhone with a holed show is 2020.

Latest Renders of 2019 iPhone Show Camera Bump Integrated Into Rear Glass

The camera has invariably been one in every of the iPhone’s high options. However, an apple upgrade it in 2019? There square measure many reports linking this year’s iPhone models to a three-camera setup, and probably a 3d device further.

Every camera might have twelve megapixels and be made by Sony, with a photo, wide-angle, and super fisheye configurations. In step with analysis analyst Ming-chi Kuo. The selfie camera may additionally have twelve megapixels, up from seven megapixels within the current vary.


Exactly that phones can have 3 lenses continues to be unknown. Kuo says the five.8-inch and six. 5-inch models can, however, a report by Bloomberg indicated solely the six.5-inch model can.

The related to software package might offer uncommon written material options, as well as the power to feature additional data from the scene not at the start within the original photograph, enabled by the new fisheye lens.

This can be protected by a DigiTimes report that large exactitude, a serious lens module provider, is expecting to visualize additional orders for triple-lens setups. However, it’s vital to notice large provides the alternative major manufacturer and not simply apple, thus this isn’t clinching proof.


The wall street journal additionally claims the biggest iPhone can have 3 lenses, whereas 2 alternative models can continue a dual-lens setup. In may, Taiwanese publication economic news daily additionally talked concerning 3 camera lenses on the 2019 iPhone. Stating every can have twelve megapixels and extra camera options like augmented detail or bigger zoom mode.


The reported 3d device might are delayed and can seem on the 2020 iPhone instead, once creating a debut on a future iPad.

Previously, economic daily news reportable the forthcoming phones can feature additional advanced stereoscopic imaging to capture objects and scenes from multiple angles and triangulate multiple views into 3d pictures.

Deutsche financial analyst lutecium jail in also mentioned the combination of 2 stereo-vision lenses and an optical lens into the three-lens camera to grasp 3d house during a manner like an iPhone x’s true depth front camera.


The ultimate 3d camera system can tie into apple’s work on the market, with the corporate having introduced Markit two.0 as a part of ios twelve with improved face pursuit, support for 3d object detection and realistic rendering.

Bloomberg notes apple continues to be performing on an ar receiver for 2020. Alternative reported options for the 2019 iPhone’s camera embrace a brand new version of the live photograph, that extends the time for the short videos from 3 seconds to 6.

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