Samsung Galaxy S10 Review

The Samsung Galaxy S10

The Samsung Galaxy S10 is that the best golem phone you’ll be able to obtain nowadays. it’s a superb OLED show, sturdy camera and a bunch of latest additions. It doesn’t set the quality for areas like camera quality or battery life, however, as an entire package, no one progressing to be is left wanting a ton of. I’m certain that’s specifically what Samsung was aiming for.


  • a beautiful screen that’s fantastic for video
  • Smaller than lots of other flagships, without sacrificing features
  • The versatile camera that reliably takes excellent pictures


  • Battery life is middling
  • One UI is packed with bloatware

Key Specifications

  • Review Price: £799
  • 6.1-inch Dynamic AMOLED+
  • 3 rear cameras
  • One UI
  • unhearable in-display fingerprint
  • 8GB + 128GB / 8GB + 512GB
  • MicroSD up to 512GB
  • 3400mAh battery

If you’re on the rummage around for a brand new phone the Samsung Galaxy S10 is most the whole golem perceive there straight away.

No golem phone arrives with quite the extent of promotion that accompanies a flagship Samsung Galaxy device. the very fact that} the Huawei P30 professional has simply been proclaimed, the Galaxy S10 remains the device you’ll see plastered over billboards everyplace and considering however sensible this phone is, that’s few surprises.

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This is associate golem phone for the lots, for those uninterested in iPhones half in it safe – and for people who wish every single feature going.

Unlike past years, the S10 isn’t the moment standout model in Samsung’s new lineup. It’s the center kid here, sandwiched between the cheaper Galaxy S10e which takes all the massive options, cramming them into a smaller body thus the and conjointly the Galaxy S10 and with its larger screen, twin front cameras, and heftier battery.

The Samsung Galaxy S10

The Samsung Galaxy S10 may be a beautiful phone with a half dozen6.1-inch show.

So is there very any purpose for choosing the regular S10 over those different 2 options?

Well, yes: The Samsung Galaxy S10 includes a pretty screen and style, with a minor catch

The 6.1-inch Dynamic AMOLED screen instantly impresses, taking over eighty eight.3% of the front of the Galaxy S10. Not solely will it stretch and curve nearly edge-to-edge, giving the impression you’re holding nothing however screen, it comes with all the school you’d expect would feature in a during in associate exceedingly in a very sensible show.

This is associate HDR10+ panel, boosting colors and dynamic vary once you’re viewing supported content from Netflix and YouTube, {for example for instance, as an associate example. Watch a number of some many episodes of Star Trek: Discovery and you’ll instantly notice the deep colors and intense brightness. I wouldn’t usually use a phone screen to observe content over extended periods, however, the standard on show here makes it astonishingly immersive.

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Samsung Galaxy S10

The Infinity-O vogue show removes the necessity for a notch

 The screen is bright, too, that is crucial for outside viewing thus the and conjointly the antecedently mentioned HDR content. It’s a touch tough to determine simply however bright this screen gets because of the range of boosting modes Samsung engages, however, I measured a peak brightness of 350 nits in regular use. DisplayMate claims it will match the 1250 nits steered by Samsung in its own check at.

Brightness ramps up once you’re mistreatment the phone in direct daylight or utilizing the screen attention mode. The latter adds a faux-HDR result to regular content – YouTube videos, for example for instance, as an associate example – that ups the brightness to present a ton of medium look. It works a treat, though it will consume battery life at double the speed compared to if it’s turned off.

The show includes a few different quirks, too, all of that facility to form the design of the Galaxy S10. the primary is that the new Infinity-O show, that is Samsung’s effort to steer off from the regular variety of a notch. rather than a dip within the show, as seen on the iPhone XS, the S10 moves its front camera into a circular cutout that sits towards the top-right of the panel. in contrast, do not like the notch, the screen flows around the hole, that makes for a ton of} seamless style.

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I a lot of abundant like the circular cutout here instead of the longer, pill-shaped version you’ll see on the S10 Plus; it’s perceptibly less intrusive once observation videos. nonetheless, it isn’t excellent and bound apps, games particularly, still assume the opening may be a notch and thus show a black bar that covers the complete high portion of the screen. Hopefully, developers can update the same apps once this variety of cutout becomes a ton of standard.

The Samsung Galaxy S10

The Bixby button remains below the quantity rocker

I’m less gaga by Samsung’s continued use of falciform displays. As seen within the S8 and S9, the perimeters of the Galaxy S10 slope down, mixing into the metal rim. Design-wise, it’s an attribute that’s a number of some many years previous currently – and heavily adopted by different phones. nonetheless, it still has that slick, instantly obvious end that gets it noticed within the ocean of cubic, rectangular slabs.

However, though it’d look enticing, it makes actual use of the device harder. I’ve knowledgeable varied accidental presses with the falciform Galaxy S10 than really have finished the flat constituent three or iPhone XS. It systematically registers accidental presses from my palm and I’m having to adapt the means I hold the phone to counter the matter. You’ll possibly get won’t to it, however even having used each the S10 and S10 over the past number of weeks, it remains a difficulty.

The rest of the look follows constant blueprint Samsung’s used for the past few iterations of its flagship phones. You’ll realize glass each front and back, a metal rim sandwiched between them, and a super-precise end.

There isn’t a lot of abundant of a size distinction between them and thus the and conjointly the regular-sized S10 the and includes a half dozen. 4-inch screen as hostile half dozen.1 inches, however, I do realize that the smaller device feels easier to carry and is less complicated to navigate, not requiring Pine Tree State to stretch my thumb too so much. If you’re coming back from associate S9 or associate iPhone then you’ll possibly feel ton tons plenty heaps loads a nice deal additional reception with the S10.

The Galaxy S10 is feature-packed, with associate in-display fingerprint detector and reverse wireless charging

Samsung includes a fondness for “features”. It likes to cram its phones with each conceivable choice if solely to own lots to shout regarding once it involves advertising. It’s an associate approach that’s quite the other of Apple, that has traditionally rejected choices like expandable storage.

With the Galaxy S10, Samsung’s target options remain. If there’s a feature you’ve been longing when, then it’s possibly enclosed within the S10: wireless charging, expandable storage, an earphone jack you won’t see that too usually in 2019, also as creative additions like reverse charging associated associate in-display fingerprint detector.

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The Samsung Galaxy S10

The fingerprint sensor is now beneath the display.

That in-display detector is that the standout – and whereas the S10 isn’t the primary telephone set to incorporate one, it’s well the simplest I’ve used.

The fingerprint detector is currently to a lower place the show. once you use it, the show ripples rather like the above higher than on high of.

The fingerprint detector on the Galaxy S10 doesn’t reside on the rear or within the house button. Instead, it’s found directly to a lower place the screen. Once set up – a method you’ll be requested try and to attempt to do} at the beginning – you unlock the phone by pressing your finger against a fingerprint define that sits towards the lowest of the screen. It will everything your ancient electrical phenomenon detector does; it simply doesn’t ought to be there messing up the rear of the phone.

As a futurist, because it is, the in-display detector isn’t quite as effective because of the ancient unit of the S9 or iPhone. It needs a firmer press. If the fingerprint detector on the S9 works ninety-fifth of the time, on the S10 it’s nearer to seventieth.

However, it’s a ton of economical and reliable than the optical sensors that feature on the OnePlus 6T and Huawei Mate twenty professional. The unhearable version here doesn’t need lightweight to figure and doesn’t need you to depress therefore firmly.

Another feature on the S10 that’s just like one thing you’ll see on the Huawei Mate twenty professional is reverse wireless charging. known as Wireless PowerShare, this enables you to flip the S10 into an energy charger for the compatible product. as an example, you’ll charge your iPhone XS this fashion, or Samsung’s new Galaxy Buds. It’s a resourceful addition, however, just like the in-display fingerprint scanner, it wants a touch additional work. It’s super-slow to charge, and you wish to show it on when you wish to charge a tool.

The Galaxy S10’s benchmarks purpose to very good well-rounded performance

Joining the packed feature list may be a choice of internal parts – which can vary reckoning on your region. I’ve been mistreatment the ECU model, that ships with Samsung’s own Exynos 9820 chipset and 8GB of RAM. If you’re shopping for the phone within the USA, your device is going to be high-powered by the Qualcomm flower 855.

Judging a phone’s performance is difficult, particularly once it’s contemporary out of the box. whether or not you’re paying £799 for the Galaxy S10 or £269 for the Moto G7 and, phones tend to at first be super-fast then again bit by bit weigh down.

Since the S10 is high-powered by the terribly latest accessible internals, it ought to be no surprise that it’s a performance beast, churning out benchmark scores at the top-end of phones we’ve reviewed. Simply put, no task on this phone feels slow or laggy. Nor are there any apps – that I’ve tested – that actually push the hardware to its limits.

The same is true of games. The Galaxy S10 can swimmingly run any game at the best doable settings while not running into bother. Titles load perceptibly quicker than a Samsung Galaxy S9, associated solely slightly slower than an iPhone XS.

The Samsung Galaxy S10

It packs a complete selection of high-end specs

 This is conjointly one in every one of the primary handsets to ship with support for Wi-Fi half dozen, therefore if you have got a capable router then you’ll notice a rather altered brand within the standing bar. There’s no 5G, though, since the next-gen information speeds are restricted to associate as-yet invaluable Samsung Galaxy S10 5G variant.

The Galaxy S10’s camera is flexible, though it isn’t the simplest overall

The Galaxy S10’s camera line-up is another headline feature. 3 is found on the rear, with another unit on the front for selfies and face unlock. It’s a trio of cameras that may look acquainted to anyone UN agency has ordered eyes on the Huawei P30 professional.

The main rear camera is associate optically stabilized 12-megapixel detector, with an associate aperture that may shift between f/1.5 for night shots and f/2.4 for the day. There’s associate ultra-wide, 16-megapixel f/2.2 sensor, too, and a stabilized 12-megapixel the detector for zooming.

Of the 3, it’s the ultra-wide detector that’s new. In the app, you’ll zoom resolute enter wide read and there’s somewhat of an optical lens result on the results.

The Samsung Galaxy S10

Three cameras sit on the rear of the Galaxy S10

The main camera systematically judges exposure higher than its forerunner, whereas the improved HDR mode helps to offer you an honest dynamic vary across most scenes, with fewer blown out highlights and overexposed shots.

Leadenhall Market: Samsung Galaxy S10 left vs Samsung Galaxy S9 right– move the slider to check

The latter isn’t quite on constant level because the iPhone XS’s sensible HDR mode, though, that manages to drag out rather more detail from the dark areas of dimly lit scenes.

The Samsung Galaxy S10

You can rise getting ready to subjects and pull countless detail

Low lightweight performance normally is nice, if a touch behind the best possible – that honor goes to the Huawei P30 professional with its RB Super Sensing detector and fantastic dedicated night mode.

The main camera’s bright f/1.5 aperture which mechanically reverts to f/2.4 in brighter conditions offers it a robust base to figure from, tho’ the S10 will still be a touch heavy-handed with noise reduction and image process, that smudges out some fine details. This isn’t too noticeable once viewed on the S10’s screen, however, photos will look additional like paintings once cropped or viewed on an even bigger screen.

The S10’s smarter ‘scene optimizer’ mode, that works on all 3 cameras, performs well in most things. It will currently recognize up to thirty completely different scenes, as well as faces and night scenes, and tweaks the colors to form them vivacious and punchy while not going too so much towards oversaturation.

The only downsides are the occasional mistake – as an example, recognising a glass building because the sky associated giving it an unnatural blue forged – which its Super Night Shot mode doesn’t appear to be quite as powerful because the ones are seen on the Google constituent three or Huawei Mate twenty professional, with no thanks to manually flip it on.

Still, the S10’s bokeh effects are as nearly as good as its rivals, solely being slightly crushed out by the P30 professional and its dedicated ToF detector. This more detector offers a cleaner end and an additional correct cut around details like glasses and hair.

Still, the S10 dependably cuts out faces and objects whereas applying the realistic gradual blur. you’ll conjointly tweak the extent of faux bokeh when a trial once mistreatment the Live Focus mode, however it’s best to stay the intensity on the low facet for max realism.

The Samsung Galaxy S10

It will an honest job with the bokeh portrait mode

While nothing major, there do appear to be a handful of bugs within the S10’s own camera app. The focal distance wheel, that enables you to center between every camera’s default read, typically opens once you attempt to press the shutter, preventing you from taking a trial. If you progress quickly between the 3 cameras, the optical device conjointly sometimes locks up before sinking down once more. These can little doubt get fastened during a computer code update.

Video recording is handled well, particularly because of the new super-steady stabilization choice. This uses the ultra-wide detector to record then crops in, smoothing out your footage and riding it off the shake usually related to mobile recording.

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Samsung Galaxy S10 battery life ought to are higher

Samsung has crafted a superb phone within the S10 with a stunning screen, high-end internals and a bevy of nice options all packed within a well-designed body. However, it isn’t excellent.

Samsung’s One UI sits atop golem nine, and whereas it’s an enormous improvement over Samsung’s previous tries at computer code, it remains ugly and turgid.

  • five of the simplest One UI options

One UI’s aim is to form the computer code components additionally accessible on larger screens. Apps that feature multiple input choices towards the highest – messages, as an example – are pushed to the lowest, therefore you don’t ought to dislocate your thumb making an attempt to succeed in them. the bulk of Samsung’s own apps are updated to profit from this style, and it will create navigation easier.

But the computer code remains packed with useless additions. The virtual assistant Bixby is, and continually has been, inferior to Google’s glorious Assistant – however, it’s therefore tied into Samsung’s apps that it’s arduous to urge eliminate. There are reams of bloatware here too, as well as multiple Microsoft workplace apps and Samsung’s own version of the many of Google’s own apps – calendar, browser, and messages, as an example.

For battery life the S10 isn’t nearly as good as some rivals; even equally sized handsets like the Huawei P30 professional beat the S10 for endurance. However, it’s slightly higher than the Galaxy S9 and roughly comparable to the iPhone X and iPhone XS.

During my ten days with the phone – I’ve been reviewing the Ecu Exynos 9820 version, therefore US-based patrons with the flower 855 version would possibly see completely different results – I haven’t continually managed to urge from a morning alarm to 11 pm while not forcing the phone into either a battery-saver mode or worrying it’ll die-out throughout one thing vital.

If you wish an additional elaborate examine the battery life, head to our dedicated Samsung Galaxy S10 review battery life page.

Using the bundled charger, the S10’s 3400mAh battery goes from 0-100% in around ninety minutes. you’ll get yourself four-hundredth in roughly forty minutes that is handy for a fast indefinite quantity. There haven’t been any vast enhancements to the charging school, and there’s no high-speed technique to rival the Mate twenty Pro’s Super Charge. this is often a shame, however, the shortage of improvement isn’t quite as obvious because it is with the larger S10 and as that battery takes for much longer to charge.

If wireless charging is additional your vogue, expect to urge a full charge in only over 2 hours if you’re mistreatment Samsung’s own quick Charge capable pad.

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Why obtain the Samsung Galaxy S10?

There isn’t an additional complete flagship golem phone you’ll obtain straight away than the Samsung Galaxy S10 – and its 2 biggest challenges are, at this moment, the smaller S10e and therefore the pricier S10 and.

So is there a reason to shop for the S10 over those 2 different choices? The S10e is cheaper and ditches the falciform screen, whereas the S10 and includes a larger screen and battery. Being the center kid, it will want the regular would possibly get unseen. however, I’d say the S10 is the best selection. It’s the proper mixture of size and feature-set, with a tag that’s £200 but the iPhone XS.

For an additional elaborate examine a number of the foremost vital components of the Samsung Galaxy S10, inspect the links below to visualize our full testing information as well as countless camera samples and comparisons, benchmarks and show information.

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Samsung Galaxy S10 value and unleash date

The Samsung Galaxy S10 is on sale straight away.

Prices within the United Kingdom begin from £799 for the 128GB model and £999 for the 512GB model. In the US, it prices $899. As such, the Samsung Galaxy S10 is £60/$180 costlier than the Samsung Galaxy S9 once it launched in February 2019. otherwise, you may read it as being £200/$100 cheaper than the iPhone XS.

In the UK, all major carriers – engineering science, Vodafone, 3 and O2 – are stocking the phone, aboard Virgin Mobile and Tesco Mobile. inspect our Samsung Galaxy S10 deals for all the newest news on evaluation and therefore the best offers.

This review is of a Galaxy S10 UK Exynos 9820 version unit provided to America by Vodafone and was conducted over the course of 10 days – with extra days later for additional in-depth testing. Previously, we’d been mistreatment the Samsung Galaxy S10 and, that comes with several of constant options.

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