What Is Computer Definition?। Digital Computer Definition

What is Computer definition: Computer is Associate in Nursing device that’s designed to figure with info. The term Computer comes from the Latin term ‘computare’, this suggests calculating or programmable machine.

what is computer definition

The computer cannot do something while not a Program. It represents a decimal number with a string of binary numbers. The Word ‘Computer’ typically refers to the middle Processor Unit and Internal memory.


What Is Computer Definition

Charles Babbage is named the “Grand Father” of the pc. the primary mechanical Computer designed by Charles Babbage was known as Analytical Engine. It uses computer memory within the kind of punch cards.

The computer is a sophisticated device that takes information data information as input from the user and processes these data underneath the management of a set of directions (called program) and offers the result (output) and saves the output for the long run use. It will method each numerical and non-numerical (arithmetic and logical) calculations.

Digital Computer Definition

The basic parts of a contemporary electronic computer are a data input device, Output Device, processor Unit (CPU), mass device and memory. A Typical fashionable Computer uses LSI Chips. Four Functions regarding Computer are.

Input Definition (Data): Input is that the raw info entered into a Computer from the input devices. it’s the gathering of letters, numbers, images, etc.

Process Definition: The process is that the operation of knowledge as per given instruction. it’s an entirely internal method of the pc system.

Output Definition: Output is that the processed information given by Computer once processing. The output is additionally known as a Result. we are able to save these ends up in the storage devices for the long run use.

Computer Classification: By Size and Power

Computers disagree supported there processing talents. they’re classified in step with purpose, information handling, and practicality. According to practicality, computers square measure classified as.

what is computer definition 

A Computer that represents numbers by some unceasingly variable physical amount, whose variations mimic the properties of some system being sculpturesque.

Personal computer Definition: A laptop that represents numbers by some unendingly variable physical amount, whose variations mimic the properties of some system being sculpturesque.

Workstation Definition: a private computer may be a computer tiny and low price. The term”personal computer” is employed to explain desktop computers (desktops).

Minicomputer Definition: A terminal or microcomputer in an exceedingly network. during this context, a digital computer is simply a generic term for a user’s machine (client machine) in distinction to a “server” or “mainframe.”

Mainframe Computer Definition: It refers to the type of huge laptop that runs a complete corporation.

Supercomputer Definition: it’s the most important, fastest, and costliest computers on earth.

Digital Computer Definition

Digital Computer Definition

Minicomputer Definition: A terminal or microcomputer in an exceedingly network. during this context, a digital computer is simply a generic term for a user’s machine (client machine) in distinction to a “server” or “mainframe.”

Mainframe Computer Definition: It refers to the type of huge laptop that runs a complete corporation.

Mini Definition: Your laptop computer may be a PC.

Supercomputer Definition: it’s the most important, fastest, and costliest computers on earth.

History Of Personal Computer

The computer as we all know it these days had its starting with a nineteenth-century English arithmetic academician name Charles Babbage.

He styled the Analytical Engine and it absolutely was this design that the fundamental framework of the computers of these days area unit supported.

Generally speaking, computers will be classified into 3 generations. every generation lasted for an exact amount of time, and each gave the United States of America either a brand new ANd improved personal computer or an improvement to the present personal computer.

First Generation of Computer

First generation: 1937 – 1946 – In 1937 the primary electronic data processor was engineered by Dr. John V. Atanasoff and Clifford Berry. it absolutely was referred to as the Atanasoff-Berry personal computer (ABC). In 1943 AN computing device name the Colossus was engineered for the military. different developments continuing till in 1946 the primary general– purpose data processor, the Electronic Numerical planimeter and personal computer (ENIAC) was engineered.

It’s same that this pc weighed thirty tons, and had 18,000 vacuum tubes that were used for the process. once this pc was turned on for the primary time lights dim in sections of Philadelphia. Computers of this generation might solely perform a single task, and that they had no package.

Second Generation of Computer

Second generation: 1947 – 1962 – This generation of computers used transistors rather than vacuum tubes that were additional reliable. In 1951 the primary pc for industrial use was introduced to the public; the Universal Automatic personal computer (UNIVAC 1). In 1953 the International Business Machine (IBM) 650 and 700 series pcs created their mark within the computer world.

Throughout this generation of computers over one hundred programming languages were developed, computers had memory and operational systems. Storage media like tape and disk were in use additionally were printers for output.

Third Generation of Computer

Third generation: 1963 – gift – The invention of the computer circuit brought the United States of America the third generation of computers. With this invention computers became smaller, additional powerful additional reliable and that they area unit able to run many alternative programs at the identical time.

In 1980 Microsoft Disk package (MS-Dos) was born and in 1981 IBM introduced the non-public personal computer (PC) for home and workplace use. 3 years later Apple gave the United States of America the Macintosh personal computer with its icon-driven interface and also the 90s gave the United States of America Windows package.

As a result of the varied enhancements to the event of the personal computer, we’ve seen the pc being employed all told areas of life. it’s a really great tool that may still expertise new development as time passes.

How do computers help us

Computers assist you in many various ways. Computers will assist you to learn. you’ll be able to use them in school or reception.

You can notice things out by depending on the online. you’ll be able to write a story or draw an image. you’ll be able to do maths, create charts and graphs or create music and record folks enjoying songs.

You can additionally strive cryptography and create your own video game, take pictures, scan AN e-book or watch a video. are you able to think about something else?

How Google Translator Helps Us

A program written in a problem-oriented language is termed as ASCII text file. To convert the ASCII text file into code, translators are required.
A translator takes a program written in language as input and converts it into a program in the target language as output.

It conjointly detects and reports the error throughout the translation.

Roles of the translator are:

• Translating the problem-oriented language program input into the same machine language program.
• Providing diagnostic messages where the coder violates the specification of the high-level language program.

Computer Data Definition & Computer Information Will Help Us

Computer information will help us, at the same time not only this modern world compared to computers. The computer is constantly benefiting from our information and gathering information, computer The computer is an organ of human civilization, we can do this when we want to do this computer.

A computer collects all the data in its SD card during the year. Whenever we need it, we can see it from anywhere in the world through the Internet. The computer will help us with the information in this way.

Computer Network Definition

what is computer definition

The computer ensures our specific communication system. There is no specific agreement on the World Wide Web network in our world.

In this system, a man is associated with another human being, and a country is well-respected with another country. One of the platforms is Google, which can not be terminated.

This type of network is compared to a huge fake. We will not lose all the things we need or we can not be defeated, so we have kept a gathering of Google.com platforms between gmail.com.

What is it? We got the necessary things only when we needed it. In this way, a company can contract with another company by collecting information. You will inform me that I will give you money.

Computer Technology Definition

Computer Technology Definition

Definition of computer technology Computer design and construction to work better in computers, design, school, home, etc.

An example of computer technology is the development of a software program that allows people to accomplish work at home which has been automatically assigned from computers at their job location.

Computer technology reviews will continue to be based on articles that will formally explain the necessary technologies to ensure pure, reliable electrical power on computer networks, systems, platforms, and devices.

The percentages of students who rated their computer technology skills as “excellent or above average” jumped from 43% in pre-assessment to 57% in post-assessment.

computer technology can significantly affect the work of consultants in information retrieval and promotion, distance learning, college and career inquiries, counseling interventions, networking and support systems, and training and supervision. Actually, there are computer technologies that help there.

So if you are thinking about using computer technology to improve patient care. comply with Government conventions, make accounts acceptable, or make marketing databases, or any other good reasons described in our special technology section this month. you need the first cash infusions you need to have good first That will be facing.

A concept known as convergence involves manufacturers taking the best, most useful components of computer technology and incorporating them into familiar household appliances to create “smarter” homes for the new millennium.

Any information related to computer technology may be relevant, any software can meet your needs and these programs can lend a hand to determine whether it is available only for Windows operating systems and floppy disks.

Although many questions remain to be answered about the most appropriate uses of computer technology in vocational rehabilitation, many human factors are at the forefront.

Computer Programming Definitions

Computer Programming Definitions

Programming is a creative process that refers to a computer on how to do a job. Hollywood programmers encouraged an image as a technology that could be sitting on the computer and break a password in seconds. The reality is much less interesting.

So programming is boring?

Computer does what they say, and their instructions come in the form of human programs. Many cognitive computer programmers write source code which can be read by humans but not by computers. In many cases, the source code is compiled into the source code of the machine code, which can be read by the computer, but this compiled computer programming language, not by humans, includes.


  • Visual Basic
  • Delphi
  • C
  • C ++
  • Javascript
  • Pearl
  • Php

Each of the programming languages requires knowledge of their rules and vocabulary. Learning a brand new artificial language is analogous to learning a brand new speech communication.

Programs Are Written For Operating Systems

Each computer has an operating system, which is itself a program. The programs that run on that computer must be compatible with its operating system. Popular operating systems include.

  • Windows
  • Linux
  • MacOS
  • Unix
  • Android

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