The Advanced Guide to Examples Of Communication Technology

Examples of communication technology include the Information and communication technology (ICT)  and telephone and more recently, everything from cell phones to the smart cars.

Examples Of Communication Technology

Information and communication technologies (ICT) are the result of putting computers and telecommunications into interaction. Everything, in order to improve the processing, storage, and transmission of information.

In this way, we can improve the level of our communications. Creating new forms of communication faster and of higher quality. Improvements that reduce costs and time, of application both to the business world and to life itself.

Providing us with greater comfort and improving our quality of life while advocating for the environment.

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What are examples of communication technology?

Terminals, networks and services, therefore, can also be classified according to use or other of these elements.

The computer has evolved since its appearance and continues to do so at a dizzying pace. Like the peripheral devices that complement it, offering other possibilities.

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Examples Of Computer Technology

Technology has not stagnated in computers. It is surprising us introducing new types of terminals in our lives or improving their characteristics.

What happened to that mobile phone whose only function was to call. Now they are much more sophisticated devices that have revolutionized communication. Video call, free text message applications, Social Networks, etc. are some examples.

The network that enables the devices to interconnect devices is based on the Web. Its effect on society can not be explained in some lines, but how the world flips.

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Network Communication Technology

ICTs have done an arduous job in the field of networks. Improving fixed telephony, mobile telephony, the Internet itself, going from dial-up to broadband, then fiber optic and bringing the connection to mobile phones.

The other element that make up information and Communication Technologies Are Services. The range of services offered is increasing: email, search for information, online banking, e-commerce, e-administration, e-government, private services, leisure services, etc.

For example, there are state agencies in Spain that are dedicated to the promotion of ICTs at the personal and public level to complete body procedures, such as all the steps taken by DNI’s employment.

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What do ICTs contribute to the company?

We will give you the answer distinguishing three levels.

  1. At the information level: Reduce costs and improve the use and transmission of it. (see document management)
  2. Level of structure of the company: Improves communication and personal relationships of workers.
  3. At the commercial level: Extension of the market (electronic commerce), reduction of logistics costs, facilitates feedback with customers and improves the brand image.

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