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The way the bank is withdrawn as fraud

    In India recently the ‘SIM swap’ system is stealing the information of the bank. If you fall into this trap, you can clear your bank account within a few minutes. Basically those who do mobile banking, they are targeted in this manner. Gadgets From the news report, find out the 10 important information about this trick. 1) The

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‘The Internet’s VAT reduction will reach the people’

  Call and Telecommunication Citation and Information Technology Minister . Mostafa Jabbar said that the benefits of reducing Internet VAT will be given to people. Speaking at the opening ceremony of the Smart Phone¬†. And Tab Fairs organized at the Banga bandhu International Conference Center on Thursday. Mostafa Jabbar spoke at the inauguration ceremony. The minister said there are several

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Bangladesh second place in the position of the World freelancer Rank

India has topped the list of world’s second largest Freelancing population in the world. The other topmost countries are USA, Pakistan, Philippines and United Kingdom respectively. This information has been published recently in a report by the Oxford Internet Institute. In this report, it has been shown that most Freelancers live in any country in the world and any sector

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