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India place defense satellite into orbit


The Indian area analysis Organisation`s (ISRO) Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV-C45) launches India`s spectrum measuring satellite `EMI ST` — alongside twenty eight satellites from alternative countries together with Lietuva, Spain, Svizzera and also the United States — at the Satish Dhawan area Centre in Sriharikota, in province state, on one April 2019. Photo: AFP national satellite weather in india The

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Google Doodle sculpture Novara Ahmed thinks

Novara Ahmed thinks

Google Doodle sculpture Novara Ahmed thinks Google Search Engine Optimazition Search engine big Google has created a replacement Doodle on its home page, marking the eightieth birthday of remembrance of famous Bangladeshi sculptor Novera Ahmed, reports UNB. Doodle is cele brating pioneering creative person Novera Ahmed, World Health Organization has taken into account the primary trend sculptor in Bangladesh and whose

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Bricks made from urine!

  Researchers have found ways to use molasses in different ways as part of the waste plan. But the brick from the urine? Yes, one such researcher has discovered South African researchers. These bricks made of them are environmentally friendly. This bio-briquette made from urine has more properties such as sand and bacteria. But after the formation of this brick,

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Was the world ever a ‘purple’ color?

What is the color of earth? In the film taken from space, it is seen that most of the earth is blue (water) and some parts are green (soil and plants). But the color of the world was not always there. Rather, the color of the world was violet! The world was purple, the theory that Molecular Biology Professor Shiladitya

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Get 6 famous tricks on Instagram

  For more than a decade, social media has been a great platform to present itself to the public. Many people have become famous due to social media and it is really well-earning. Nowadays one of the leading social platforms is Instagram. You heard it, did not you? Well, In-stagram has emerged as a fun application for every age of

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Amazon CEO made a big mistake in choosing new staff

Large tech companies have a lot of applications submitted for jobs. It is very difficult to choose the right candidate from among so many applications. The Amazon company has appointed an AI or artificial intelligence to simplify the work. It’s a long way to make things easy, that AI is a big mistake. But to get this problem, we need

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8 ways to be sure you pick the ‘right career’

Many people are in trouble trying to select the right carrier. It is difficult to say it is often difficult to say. Moreover, the field of work has increased a lot. So it is difficult to decide which field to choose as a career. Dear reader, if you have been in trouble then this report is for you. Yes, you

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You did not know the fancy uses of your smartphone

Smartphone has occupied the most important place in our lives. Finding someone who starts from the school-age youth is no longer the one who does not use the Smartphone . Not just mobile phones, especially the era of Android phone is going on now. Many people are using Apple company’s iPhone in demand for fashion and requirements. But the phone

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