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‘Huawei Mate 20’ coming to the country’s market


Huawei’s new Flagship Smartphone ‘Huawei Mate 20’ is coming to the country’s market after unveiling in the UK and China. It is believed that this phone will be available in the country’s market in November this year. Earlier this year the smartphone was unveiled in the UK on October 16 and in China on October 26. Huawei hopes this smartphone will

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Now the five cameras Samsung smartphone is open


South Korean firm Samsung on Tuesday opened an edition of the Galaxy A9 smartphone in an event in Kuala Lumpur on Tuesday. The main attraction of this phone is the presence of four cameras behind the phone. There is another camera to take the selfie. This is the launch of the first five rear cameras including a smartphone . Samsung’s starting

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You did not know the fancy uses of your smartphone

Smartphone has occupied the most important place in our lives. Finding someone who starts from the school-age youth is no longer the one who does not use the Smartphone . Not just mobile phones, especially the era of Android phone is going on now. Many people are using Apple company’s iPhone in demand for fashion and requirements. But the phone

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How much money do you need to make iphone tan s max?

To make the iPhone TENS Max, Bangladesh needs about one Lakhs and four thousand . Apple has recently opened three new iPhone’s In the iPhone Tens Max Max is the largest display in the phone. The bigger the display price of this phone too much. Find out the most expensive iPhone models to be open till today. The price of the new

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IPhone Ten and Ten Max Maximize Charging Issues Silent Apple

IPhone Ten and Ten Max Maximize Charging Issues Silent Apple . The company, which is silent about the customer’s complicity, is not charging even after being plugged in to the US tech giant Apple’s new IPhone TENS and TENS Maxsmartphone. According to BBC News, some users have complained that after placing the plug in their new iPhone, they stopped charging

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