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Now the five cameras Samsung smartphone is open


South Korean firm Samsung on Tuesday opened an edition of the Galaxy A9 smartphone in an event in Kuala Lumpur on Tuesday. The main attraction of this phone is the presence of four cameras behind the phone. There is another camera to take the selfie. This is the launch of the first five rear cameras including a smartphone . Samsung’s starting

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MNP’s first results were published, new mobile factories added

In the first week of this month, operator operators shifted or mobile number portability (MNP) service has been started. And the second week after the launch of MNP, how many subscribers lost an operator, whose calculations were calculated. That means the Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission ( BTRC), publishing the first results of MNP in limited form in the second week

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If the mobile phone gets wet with water?

Mobile phone, someone who does not like ? Priced or low cost, as always, we all try to keep our mobile sets from water away from water. Nowadays weather turns to change. The sun came out from the house and it appeared that the rain started to emerge. If you also do not have an umbrella or raincoat In this situation,

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Hackers steal 29 million accounts: From Facebook

Currently we are not safe from hackers. Many well-known companies, they even hacked into government institutions. But former US hacker David Kennedy said that you will be able to take a lot of effort to prevent hacking. Gagantic Social Media – Facebook authorities said that the hackers have stolen 29 million account user data. However, the number of affected customers

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You did not know the fancy uses of your smartphone

Smartphone has occupied the most important place in our lives. Finding someone who starts from the school-age youth is no longer the one who does not use the Smartphone . Not just mobile phones, especially the era of Android phone is going on now. Many people are using Apple company’s iPhone in demand for fashion and requirements. But the phone

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10 tips smartphone battery charging

It’s absolutely unimaginable for every minute of every day without smart mobile. It is possible to do all the necessary things in life through smart mobile handsets. Any work urgent in the office or taking photographs, making videos, filming, interacting with people in far-flung areas. all work except for this machine is all stagnant! In total, from the urgent work

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