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Should social media be prohibited live streaming?


Should social media be prohibited live streaming? social media Would you’d like your some body to seem at terrorists killing people among the globe or some one committing suicide? no one, in their right mind. would ever want their youngsters to urge exposed to such events, simply for the repercussions that such content can wear young plastic minds. Social Media

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Trump to report political bias against Facebook, Google and Twitter


US President Donald Trump has alleged that conservatives are being discriminated against by social media. And technology companies have not taken any action to stop their behavior, he complains Tuesday. NDTV, Straight Times .After a lawsuit filed by Trump’s congressional friend Twitter against allegations of discrimination against the conservatives, he raised a piled up allegation on the center of international

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Easy to stay safe from hacking 5 strategies!

Currently there is no one safe from hackers. Some companies, famous stars and even government organizations are being hacked. But former US hacker, David Kennedy, said that you  can take some simple steps to prevent hacking. 1) Two-factor authentication / two step-verification  You also  can turn on two-step verification options from Facebook account to bank account. If this option is

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Here are some tips on how to earn money online at home

The internet affects the lives of individuals. individuals are currently implementing numerous techniques for the line on financial gain. There are some ways to earn an online financial gain. however, to figure online, you wish to watch out concerning any platform going forward. Although their are several opportunities to earn on-line, there could also be some cheating in some cases.

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Facebook will not send workers for election campaign

Facebook will not send employees to the Campaign run during election campaign Face-book, which has been campaigning for candidates for…. online-based Campaigns , has given Face-book an opportunity to serve expert analytics before Face-book. Facebook has made it clear through a statement that promotional organizations will not be offered any such services. In 2016, the Director of Digital Campaign for Won

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What Is Twitter And It’s Usage


Twitter is a communication medium. This software is a popular software for smartphones users. This software is very useful for users. And this software uses many famous lockers. The most popularly is known as tweets for smartphone users. Social media is the social networking name on Twitter that is now continuously tweeted. Twitter is now backing Instagram and now is the second

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